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Post Trip Info …

A few notes from our trip ….

Total miles ..   approx  3,200    

Pins on map represent places we stopped during trip ..  motels on way to Marietta and Rice ..  RV sites we stayed at ..and towns we visited !!



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Leaving New Market (CC) for home ….



8:15  ……Finally getting the hang of sleeping ‘late’  in the trailer .. slept till 7:30 ..  a world’s record for me ..   Breakfast.. showers .. and breaking camp .. Big day in that we need to dump/clean tanks .. and hitch up the truck … (usually we have been leaving trailer/truck hitched)….  Very little rain last night . and it’s not raining as I’m writing ..  Internet weather shows we should be OK until we get closer to home …  Our biggest adventure awaits us … getting the trailer in the driveway !!!!!!  As we packed up to leave .. sun came out .. and we saw some blue sky !!!

4:30 … Arrived safely in Gouldsboro … no issues along the way .. pulled into a rest stop around noon to have lunch at a rest stop … nice being able to pull over .. go into trailer .. have a quick lunch .. then hit the road again …..  No bad weather … until .. we were near Hazelton PA .. some nasty fog slowed us down for awhile …   As I thought .. backing into drive was a bit of a challenge … after fooling with it for awhile .. we drove straight in .. figuring I’d deal with tomorrow ..  with today’s long drive (approx 320 miles) .. the rain/thunder/lightning when we pulled in to Gouldsboro …we had had enough for one day …  but … Chrissy & Todd showed up as we were taking a break .. Todd was able to back trailer out of driveway .. and then back it in .. all within a few minutes …!!!  we had been struggling for over an hour with the backing up process … !!!  A few tips from  Todd .. and I’ll be ready to give it another try !!!

Casita backed in to our driveway .. ready for next adventure !!!

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New Market ….’Endless Caverns’

7am  …    Rained most of night ..  ! For now it has stopped ..  if you believe weather forcasts, we shouldn’t have any more rain till … THIS AFTERNOON !!!  Thats right .. more rain on the way ..  I don’t think weather will clear up until Monday …  Guess weather won’t interfere with our activiities today .. can’t rain in the cave !!   or .. maybe all the rain will cause some dripping in the cave  !  Anyway ..   Cavern tour is supposed to be 90 min …  from there we’re going to check out ‘The Green Valley Bookfair’..   it’s in a neighboring town .. it’s supposed to be the largest booksale in the country … Place is actually a large warehouse …   after that .. we may take a tour of New Market ..  anyway .. those our our 3 ‘objectives’ for the day .. we’ll see how many we can accomplish !

While waking up .. Terri’s first thought of the day ..  ‘camping is not for the weak’ !!!   Not sure if she’s referring to my early wakeup schedule ..  constant rain .. lack of dry towels because of the rain …  chilly mornings (we need to remember to turn on heater BEFORE we take a shower) .. or .. the tick she just found on her back !!!  🙂

7 pm  … All objectives .. met and exceeded !!!!   Busy day ..   Started with the 90 minute Cavern Tour .. pretty interesting stuff ..  but .. I would have been just as happy with a 30 minute tour .. ! Cave actually had alot of small brown bats living in the cave .. I say small because when they are curled up and hanging from the ceiling .. they don’t look too big .. but .. when they spread their wings .. they look alot bigger !!  as your walking around the cave .. the bats will fly around you .. buzzing your heads ..  Had one creepy encounter .. as we were listening to the tour guide I was noticing a bat flying around .. then I got hit with a drop of water from cave ceiling ..  my first reaction was that the bat landed on my shoulder !!!!  Another weird moment was when guide turned off all lights in cave .. it was pitch black … couldn’t see anything .. very weird feeling .. This was our first and perhaps our last cavern tour .. it was a fun touristy thing to do .. but .. I’m thinking this is a one time event !


We then drove through a small town of New Market ,,,,  not much going on there ..   we did a drive-by .. then took off  …

Drove to Staunton .. approx 60 min from campsite .. bit of trivia .. what state was Woodrow Wilson born in ??  correct .. Staunton Virginia !  Pretty nice town .. lots of ‘historic’ buildings .. etc .. went to lunch at a place that was a renovated railroad station … looks like the station was divided to accomodate several places …  … quilt store .. place to eat .. and some other business’s ..  Terri spend some time browsing in the quilt store .. and playing with a kitty that roaming around the store …


Then we headed off to a needle craft store approx 30 min away .. after browsing around .. nothing caught Terri’s eye .. so we headed for our last stop of the day ..

Another 30 min drive on I-81 brought us to the ‘Green Valley BookFair’ … this place was amazing .. a huge building with thousands of books & dvds for sale …  isles .. and isles of books at really reduced prices .. I purchased several dvds from the Discovery Channel .. $1.50 each ! Books were typically $3.50 .. These weren’t cheesy .. bizarre title/author  books .. they were brand new with current titles and authors .. place was packed with people !  I think this place opens a few times a year … we finally got tired walking around looking at all books .. and left with a cart full of books & dvds.

Hard to believe but .. no rain today .. overcast sky .. a few sprinkles .. but .. that was it .. forcast is calling for some significant rain tonite .. 3/4 of an inch .. possible thunder/lightning ??   We’re thinking tomorrow is getaway day .. Think we only have approx 300 miles left to go .. as long as weather doesn’t delay us ..  we should be in Gouldsboro late tomorrow afternoon .. Terri checked Gouldsboro weather for tomorrow .. 32 degrees .. with possible snow showers ??  If thats the case ..we’ll stay another nite in Penn somewhere .. Monday is supposed to be a much better day .. the last thing I want to do is backup this trailer in our narrow driveway with snow on the ground !  🙂


Will post some new photo’s in Shutterfly link .. Cavern Tour .. Staunton .. and Bookfair …

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Leaving Baileyton Tenn .. Next Stop Virginia

Having breakfast in Casita … leaving approx 08:00 … good news .. it’s not raining !!!!   Hope to travel at least 300 miles today !!!

After 310 miles on the road .. we have made camp in New Market Virginia … staying at Endless Caverns & RV Resort ….  no rain to delay us today .. just alot of heavy clouds ..  if tomorrow is a decent day .. we may stay another night ..   After setting up .. went to a local Walmart .. then came back and fired up the Baby Q grill …  burgers & salads … !  Tomorrow we’ll tour the cavern .. which is very close to where we are setup …


Very rustic site ..  nice rock walls around each site ..  plenty of room …  it’s out of season for the park so there are only 4 other trailers in the park..  Looks like they are doing major renovations to the park … restrooms/showers are closed for renovations so they reduced price for us ..  Place should look really spiffy when they finish up ….  long day .. early to bed !

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Still In Baileyton Tenn….

6:20 am    Still in Baileyton Tenn … been awake since 5am … raining most of nite … we’ll make our go .. or stay decision a little later this morning ….

9:30 ..  Decision made .. hunkering down at our current site for today.. raining all morning .. indicated rain forcasted for most of I-81 today .. as well as some possible thunder/lightning … Tomorrow’s forcast looks much better .. it’s supposed to be dry !!!!!  So .. we’ll hunker down in the Casita for today .. we’ve got enough vittles to last us a few days .. made some pancakes this morning .. PB & J on the menue for lunch ??  We’ve got books to read .. internet .. and there is always planning for future trips to keep us amused for the day .. tomorrow we leave Baileyton .. rain or no rain !!!!


3:00 ..   Quiet day … it has stopped raining .. but .. there are some mean dark clouds outside …  with all the rain we’ve  had recently we may have found a slight water leak ???  Noticed some water drops coming from behind stove hood vent .. could be coming from outside vent ???  Did a quick check of outside caulking .. nothing obviously wrong .. need to research this when we get home .. noted problem on Casita forum to see if anyone else else has same problem …   Researched our next stop ..  looks it will be in New Market, Virginia .. approx 305 miles …  after that it’s only another 300 miles till we get home !!   puttering day .. we organized our photos in IPhoto .. PB&J for lunch … Terri did some needlework  while I took  a power nap !!!! RV site is very .. very quiet .. although site is half full .. there aren’t too many cars/trucks driving by .. oooppss .. as I’m writing .. it started to rain again … !!!!

6:30 .. skies breaking up a little .. a little blue sky and some sun peaking through clouds .. hopefully a good sign for tomorrow’s getaway ..  we’ll do some preliminary packing tonite .. quick showers tomorrow .. unhitch .. and hit the road !    No stinky slinky to deal with tomorrow .. we’ve been using RV facilities !!!  Thats good news for TG .. it was her turn to deal with the SS  !!  Just kidding .. I’ve been given SS job on a permanent basis !!   Seems like having a small trailer is a good thing at RV sites .. all the big rig folks never come out of their RV’s  ..  they use their onboard facilities .. leaving showers/restrooms available for the rest of us .. thats a good thing for us !!!!

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On To Pikeville Tenn !


Arrived in Pikeville Tenn on Sunday afternoon ..  Tenn has some outstanding scenery … !  Nick and Leslie have a great lot …  nice big garage that they keep their 2 ATV’s .. travel trailer .. tractor .. and other assorted stuff … it’s a big garage !!!  We were also greeted by Klondike .. Zeke .. and Gracie .. their 3 canines .. all sweet dogs .. I’m thinking Gracie is the alpha pooch .. she’s always looking for some action .. never sitting still for too long .. yesterday she found a bunny and brought him back alive … Leslie was able to turn the bunny loose without Gracie & Zeke tracking it down again …  We did some ATV riding along many trails that are in developement .. I have never been on  an ATV before … it was alot of fun .. it was trail riding in the wide open spaces .. Terri went for a short ride with Nick as well … no solo riding for Terri .. she likes to keep her feet on the ground !!!  Also went for a hike on trails .. Their lot is pretty huge with a creek at the far end of the lot .. plan is build a house on lot .. will house be near garage .. or .. further back in the lot .. ???  🙂   Also met some of Nick’s neighbors .. Jack &  Stella (Stella makes a mean blueberry crumb cake .. blackberry pie .. all made from wild berries .. she also gave us a jar of blackberry jelly to take home) .. John & Genevia (folks who did most of lot clearing) ….. On Tues we went to Falls Creek Park .. not too far from Nick & Leslie’s … It was a huge Park with with an amazing water fall .. 285 ft  (??) water drop .. amazing …  Alot of great scenery .. !  Stopped to have lunch in the park … nice place … !!   Leslie & Terri tried to go to a quilt shop in Pikesville .. but it was closed .. but .. Terri got to ride on some ‘hairpin’ turns going up and down the mountain .. I don’t think she would ever want to experience them again !!!!  Nick was able to provide electric, water and sewer connection on their lot so Casita was pretty happy about that !!!!   We’ve had great weather during our trip .. so I guess it was time for payback …. after leaving Nick’s this morning … we encountered some nasty rain and fog driving towards Virginia ….  due to bad weather conditions .. we only covered approx 225 miles .. far short of  miles we thought we’d cover today .. we’re staying in a town called Baileyton .. nice site .. right off I81 …  As we were setting up for the night .. it started raining again .. we got a little soaked ..  it’s raining as I’m typing this … I think it’s going to rain for the next few days !!!!  Casita is a little more ‘challenging’ driving in the rain … found I need alot more braking room .. and I really found myself driving alot slower due to wet roads !!  Well we’ve had our showers .. and our laundry is done .. so we’re just hunkering down in the Casita … we need this rain to stop .. or …we’re in for some ‘exciting’ driving tomorrow .. or .. if weather is really bad .. we may at this site for another night …  We need a TV for the Casita … !!!!   No issues with Casita during the trip .. we left our ‘large’ Weber grill at Nick’s and purchased a smaller grill this afternoon .. fits in back of truck much better !!   

A word about Cracker Barrel (CB) restaurants …  after this trip .. we will not go into another CB … (at least for awhile) .. we like stopping at them because we don’t have to worry about finding a parking place .. but .. we’ve can just about memorize their menu by now ..  and if we eat any more of their biscuits .. we will explode !

Added some new pictures on shutterfly link ..   will add others as I putter around tonite ….


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Birdsong Tenn 3/21

Stayed at Birdsong RV Resort site in Tenn …   Good news .. their website looked great … bad news … this place is a place for fisherman who also want to camp !!  Alot of guys in town for a fishing weekend … campsites were right on the marina .. close to water .. but .. this place is not for campers !!!  As we were getting ready for bed …  bad luck for us .. it was karoke night … great just our luck ….  music till midnite .. and of course .. our campsite was pretty close to the karoke festivities  !!!!!   We were very glad to leave in the morning …. it’s been the worst place we’ve stayed in (so far) !!!  To make matter worse .. this joint was 10 miles off the highway .. !!!!  Terri says thisplace was fishing camp meets Dirty Dancing (the movie) !!!


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