Day 2 Off to Marietta


Getting a later start this morning . .. between watching TV and noodling on the Internet  last nite .. it was midnite before we knew it .. we’ll have the ‘complimentary’ breakfast .. then be on the road by 8:30 ???  Looks like we’ve had some rain during the nite, but no rain as I look out the window.  It was easy to see that spring weather has arrived in this area .. trees are starting to bloom, and we saw quite a few daffodils in the area …  a nice change for us !!  I think we have approx 300 miles to cover today … still planning on being in Marietta early in the afternoon..

Think we have Shutterfly issue resolved .. we’ll see what happens as we add multiple posts.. I’m thinking access to photos may still need some tweaking..

After a quick breakfast we departed Hampton Inn at approx 8:30 .. arrived in Marietta around 1:30 .. A few rain showers on and off .. but .. no downpours to speak of ..  Drive was short compared to yesterdays .. todays driving adventure was approx 300 miles ..  

Nice to see Nick & Leslie’s landscaping … flowers .. trees blooming etc … very nicely landscaped .. !!  Can’t wait for spring to arrive in Gouldsboro !!


Staying overnite at Uncle Nick’s house .. plan is to leave early tomorrow  (6 am) .. hope to drive as far as Monroe Louisiana tomorrow .. approx 500 miles



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