Day 5 Picking up the Casita

So far .. so good !!!!  We arrived at Casita factory at 6:30 this morning !!   Went through our ‘training’ session approx 3 hours .. went for a tour of the factory … Pulled out of Casita lot at approx 12:00 … A little white knuckled driving from factory to American RV .. but .. we made it without injuring ourselves or anyone else :).. We’re setup at our site (with a little help from campground guy) .. Going to hit Wally World (Walmart) to pick up some supplies.. We’ll add some pictures of today historic adventure later tonite… As you can tell .. campsite has internet service …  yes !!!

Ok .. back on the net .. it’s been a busy .. busy day !!  Weather has been great .. clear blue skies .. up in mid 70’s ??  nice …  Just loaded some photos to Shutterfly photos link.. When we picked up Casita this morning … we encountered a very heavy fog …  could hardly see the exit signs …   !   Internet service at campground isn’t the greatest .. sometimes it’s ok .. sometimes you can’t even sign on ..   Plans for tomorrow are to continue to test out trailer systems .. I want to rehitch trailer to truck .. drive around .. come back to site and set up again .. would like to get some backing up practice as well …  We’re parked next to a huge diesel pusher .. our Casita looks like a white dwarf compared to this big rig …  Tomorrow one of campsite maint guys is going to install a roof vent cover for us …  allowing us to keep vent open even if it’s raining ..    Hope we can get a good nite sleep tonite .. we’re really tired …  !


Casita's First nite out !



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10 responses to “Day 5 Picking up the Casita

  1. ncg45

    Sounds like everything going smooth! How are the stock mirrors working out? Was this a ‘pull thru’ site at American RV or a ‘back in’?

  2. Amy

    Can’t wait to see pics of this thing! Don’t forget to take a few of the campground too 🙂

  3. Russ

    Not sure what i expected the factory too look like….but that is not it. But hey, as long as they make a good camper!! looking forward to the pics!

    • g2adventures

      I had seen pictures of factory before coming down .. so it wasn’t too bit of a shock to see it !! Factory is family owned .. I think company has been in business since 1983 …

  4. ncg45

    First comment I made several hours ago is still being held up by moderators – I don’t know why it should take this long!!!

    Like your new pix. Trailer looks great – good pictures of you and TG. I see what you mean about American RV – no too scenic!!!

  5. ncg45

    I saw that huge Class A – for a minute I thought you had changed your mind and decided to go “whole hog”. That thing is huge alright.

    I’ll have a bunch of tools in TN (not as many as here) if we need to do any work or adjustments. Finally stopped raining last night. Weather should be clear and sunny for several days now. Have fun!

  6. Amy

    Looks cozy! Let’s see some pics of the inside!

    • g2adventures

      Hi Amy …. Cozy is right … there is no other option .. the good news .. trailer is small making it pretty easy to tow (a high priority for us !) .. not so good news.. not very much room on the inside .. we need to get better organized .. need to better utilize what closet/cabinet space we have.. Good news .. Mom is a good packer/organizer .. bad news (for her) .. I’m not !! 🙂 Today is going to be a puttering around day .. we’ll take some inside photos as well ..

  7. ncg45

    Have no fear – I’ll bring the chainsaw and we can make some major modifications to get you additional space!!! (just kidding of course).

    Lack of space is something you’ll learn to live with (unless you get a monster RV). Keeps you from dragging too much stuff along on your journeys.

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