May 8 Lancaster Pa

Heading to Lancaster Pa for 4 nights …  Sammy has not been feeling well prior to our trip so we were ready to cancel trip ..  campsite has been paid ..  and it’s too late to get a refund .. so we’d take the loss …. Friday morning Kitty was feeling much better .. so at around 10:00 we decided to go ahead with our trip ..  We quickly packed up trailer … and got ready to head out …  In our rush to pack and hit the road .. we had a slight mishap hooking up trailer .. made a rookie mistake of removing wheel chocks before we hooked trailer up to truck …  in that trailer was on leveling blocks .. when we removed front wheel chocks … trailer rolled off blocks causing trailer ‘tongue’ to fall to ground …  Looks like we had no damage to anything .. so . we jacked up tongue and then connected to truck ….  That was lesson of the day ..  connect to trailer first before lowering hitch coupler …  Left house approx 2pm …

Arrive at our campsite around 5 pm .. place called ‘Country Acres’  located in town called Bird in Hand ….  Big challenge awaits us … site is a back in site …. big trouble .. we have never backed in to a site before !!!   We were fortunate in that although site is a back in .. there aren’t any other sites around us .. except for some folks in a site in back of us .. as luck would have it .. the folks in back of us were all sitting around their trailer … watching us back in .. I guess they  thought we would entertain them with  our backing up …  well ..   we took our time and backed up trailer with only  few issues .. It was a big relief  .. our first attempt at backing up trailer at a campsite was successful !!!!  

RV Check in … and our trailer site 











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