May 9 Touring Local Towns

Up early … although campground was quiet .. still can’t sleep late ..  I (make that we) were up at 7 am …  breakfast.. showers and we were ready to start touring the local action …  A lot of stores .. tourist-y things to do ..  went to farmers market .. and checked out an antique store in Bird in Hand …  Terri checked out a quilt shop while  I was puttering around on main street … found out that main street is a good spot to stake out the Amish … numerous carriages going up and down the street in town … I did respect their beliefs and took all my pictures from a distance .. seems as though they do not want to have their pictures taken .. So I had to go ninja and took cover as I took my pictures …   Amish live an ‘intersting’ lifestyle .. ‘harsh’ is a good description ..  older generations are still very much  wanting to prevent change in their lives …  younger generations are pushing the envelope to make small changes ..  Older folks in their carriages would totally ignore you as they would ride by ..  actually got a smile and head nod from some younger generation folks ..  Senior Amish folks would give you the stink eye as they drove by …  Guess I can see how they would dislike tourists who are invading their daily lives ..  taking their pictures .. etc .. etc ..  I’m sure not all tourists go ninja when they take their pictures  !



Shopping done .. we headed to a town called Strasburg … small town that has a train you can ride that goes through some of the surrounding farmland ..  a tourist thing to do .. so off we went …  for about $15 per ticket .. we took a 45 min ride  ..  riding train was cool .. scenery wasn’t that good ….  ie .. no Amish sightings ….. I wanted to see them working on their farms …  After trail ride we went into a railroad museum that was across the street.. lots of old train cars & engines …  of of train history.. interesting .. but not that much ..    🙂



After our train adventures we headed back to town for supper … went to an all you can eat buffet place called Millers .. good  food .. lots of people .. alot of bus tours dropping off their passengers …  As usual .. we waste our money at all you can eat places …  we don’t eat that much to justify the cost …  I can usually hold up my end of chowing down .. but Terri eats a plateful of lettuce .. and she’s done !   🙂  .  So after waddling out of Millers we were ready to hit the campsite to digest the dinner !!!


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