May 30 Shenandoah Park & Campsite

Back to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Park !  Arrived at Park around 10:00 … took a 2 mile hike .. lunch break .. than another hour hike. Weather was mostly sunny but a little on the chilly side … Our 2 mile hike took us on the Applachian Trail (AT) …On the way into the park we saw a car pulled over to the side of road .. when we passed them we found out why .. there was a bear along side the road .. Ladies in the car said the bear crossed the road right in front of them .. they almost hit it …  We tried getting a picture .. you can just about see the bear in the backround …  I’ll put the ‘bear’ photo in ‘trip photo’ link ..

Came back to campround in by mid afternoon .. fired up the BBQ and had some grilled salmon and asparagus …Another first for us .. we setup the awning on the Casita .. it’s the first time we have actually used it ..  only took us a few minutes to set it up … breaking it down was even easier …. After supper  got some wood from campsite office and started a fire …. had s good blazer going for a few hours ..  Terri was the fire marshal and made sure I didn’t have too many logs on the fire ..  🙂   We have some wood leftover for another campfire tomorrow night !

Tomorrow’s our last night at campsite .. think we’ll head to the Park in the afternoon .. take another hike .. have dinner .. then hang around till we can try and catch a sunset …  that of course depends on how clear the skies are …..


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