June 20 Casita Crawl

Hey .. no rain in the past 24 hours …  !!!

Alot of things going on today …  Casita Crawl in the afternoon .. For those of you who have never attended a Casista Crawl ..  🙂  It’s when you can walk around and look at all of the trailers ..  good way to see what other folks have done to their trailer and to hear about their adventures …  17 trailers signed up for rally .. mostly Casitas .. but there were a few other non Casitas.. including Nick’s and Leslie’s Trail Manor ..  Met alot of nice folks .. picked up a few good ideas for trailer …  I’ll post a few photo’s on this post .. and put the rest of photo’s in ‘My Photos’ link ..

After touring the trailers .. we stopped at some folks that are ‘professional’ trailers .. they brought 2 dogs that they have been training since they were puppies .. they will spend 12-17 months training a puppy then they dog will leave them for further training .. eventually dogs will be placed in homes hat have disabilities of one kind or another .. It’s amazing how well trained the dogs are .. I took a video clip of one of their training drills …scenario is that dog will lie down with a dog treat on each paw .. dog will NOT eat the treat until trainer says the word ‘release’ .. you could tell him any word that sounded like release .. he wouldn’t eat those snacks until the word release is spoken by trainer… amazing !!   I don’t I can add video clip to blog .. I’ll have to tray and figure out a way to send it ..

Kyper working with trainer…..

Later in the afternoon we attended an ‘Ice Cream’ Social … HHH weather .. ice cream tasted mighty tasty .. again some of $$ collected went to canine support groups …  In the evening we attended a Mexican Pot luck dinner .. Terri made some tasty ‘Mexican’ chicken …  all good food .. we didn’t leave hungry ..


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