July 23 Leaving Niagara Falls

8 am … rained all night .. raining this morning .. steady and hard .. ! We’re going to  get soaked hitching up this morning .. no doubt about it !!  We have rain jackets .. but .. no way we’re going to stay dry .. we don’t have to check out until 11 .. so maybe rain will at least lighten up ..  More bad news .. I just stuck my head out Casita door .. smells like there’s been some skunk action during the night !!  It’s going to be a fun morning !!!!  This could be worse than being on Maid of the Mist and Cave of Winds put together … wish we still had those ponchos !!!!!

9 am .. still have steady rain .. Casita is being pelted !!!  We get to wear our ‘rain suits’ today .. we bought some rain gear at Gander Mtn awhile back .. knowing someday  we’d be hitching up in the rain .. today’s the day !!!   Shouldn’t take us long to hitch up and leave .. glad I dumped tanks last night and checked tire pressure on Casita .. thats a few less thing we need to do this morning .. Just need to unhook electric cable.. shut off propane .. hitch truck to Casita and we’re good to go ..  !!  This is our last post from Niagara .. we had a great time .. we’ll log on from our next site ‘Cheerful Valley’ RV site in Phelps .. approx 2 hours from here …  !

Took us only 30 minutes to hitch up in the rain ..   Drove in rain for first hour on the road .. then stopped .. partly cloudy for the rest of the day ..  In that we had a few hours to kill before our next campsite .. we stopped in Palmyra .. nice small town .. alot of small shops on main street through town ..   Stopped in to see a General Store Museum .. actually a total of 4 museums .. in same area. General Store museum sounds boring .. but it was pretty interesting .. the general store & house were owned by  the Phelps family who owned & operated the place .. all having to do with it’s proximity to the Erie Canal .. in those days .. the Erie Canal was key for transporting goods & trade  ..  Store & house were left pretty much intact  since 1940 .. it’s like a time capsule .. everything was left exactly as it was ..  .. alot of history there … Another museum was  the Alling  Coverlet Museum .. Coverlets are like lightweight blankets .. museum had quite a few on display .. dating back to the 1800’s .. biggest collection on coverlets in the USA ….

After touring museums we had lunch at a place called ‘Muddy Waters’ overlooking Erie Canal . good pannini sandwiches !!   Next stop .. Cheerfull Valley campsite ..  arriving about 4 pm .. Nice spacious campground .. a few issues at registration .. we payed for full hookups .. we were given a site without sewer hookup .. we went back to office and advised them .. they agreed .. they made a mistake .. no big issue for us .. we’ll just their dump station we we leave .. They owed us $9 dollars due to the difference in sited .. (ie.. no full hookups) .. so we took the money in goods .. ie.. ice cream .. bottle waters .. We soon found out that although campground had pretty nice sites … it seems to have issues with their septic system … from here on .. campground is known as ‘Stinkytown USA’ … !   Not stinky all the time ..  mostly at night .. most of the time we had to keep our windows closed .. so much for camping in the country air !!!  I must have micalculated .. I thought this place at WIFI …  it does not !!!!!!



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2 responses to “July 23 Leaving Niagara Falls

  1. Russ

    What is with you guys and rain? it doesn’t even rain that much in Seattle!

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