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Last Update for 2009 !

Well it’s now official .. Casita is ‘off the road’ for 2009 !

Last weekend we installed a cover for the Casita …  We backed it up as close to house for as much weather ‘protection’ as possible ..  Washed the outside and removed all our ‘stuff’ from the inside .. Put RV anti freeze in all water lines, drains and tanks .. and removed battery.  Casita is now ready to hibernate for the winter !

Looking back on our traveling experiences .. we covered alot of ground, had some ‘good times’,  visited alot of places on our ‘check list’ of places we wanted  to see, and ended up in some places and doing things that we weren’t planning ..  we picked up our Casita on March 16 in Rice Texas .. our last trip was to Verona NY on Oct 13 …  In that time span we travelled approx 6,000 miles .. stayed in Casita for 42 nights.  We ‘camped’ in RV sites from Texas to New York State.  Our travels brought us to the following towns .. Corsicina (TX), Waxahachie (TX), Arkadelphia (ARK), Birdsong (TN), Pikeville (TN), Baileyton (TN), New Market (VA), Lexington (VA), Lancaster (PA), Rutherfordton (NC), Niagara Falls (NY), Cooperstown (NY), Phelps (NY) and Verona (NY).

Some  ‘adventures’ that weren’t planned include .. getting an early morning wakeup call (faulty fire detector) on our first night in Casita, taking a boat ride on the Canal Locks, standing under (or almost under) Niagara Falls, watching sunrise/sunset while camping at Waxahachie Creek, a visit to ‘largest’ book store on East Coast (Green Valley Book Fair), bear sighting in Shenandoah National Park, Rock City (Tenn) and visit to Chattanooga with Nick & Leslie.  Also found some interesting restaurants along the way..  Cotton Patch Cafe (Corsicana TX), Collins Street Bakery (Corsicana), Berky’s Pedal Car Diner (Lexington VA), Depot Grill (Staunton VA). Best visit for sampling some snacks .. Fly Mill Cider Mill and Orchard ..  Coziest place to eat .. Pikeville Tenn !  Worst place we stayed at .. by unanimous decision .. Birdsong Marina and Resort (Birdsong Tenn) !!  What looked like a great place on the internet turned out to be the worst place we stayed at ..  Why .. ? RV sites were very close to each other, restrooms were dirty, Karaoke till midnite, loud fishing boats in water early in the morning (we were ‘lucky’ enough to be there during a fishing derby).. To make matters worse we had to travel 10 miles of rough roads to get to this place !!!! We still smile when we think about this place … :).  Cleanest restrooms .. 4 Paws Kingdom (NC). Most ‘white knuckled moments’ … driving out of Casita factory .. backing into our first RV site..  and backing into our driveway for the first time. Biggest surprise .. Niagara Falls .. thought it would be a ‘lame’ trip .. just watching water fall .. rained almost every day we were there .. as it turned out .. the attractions were much better than I thought .. Maid of Mist ride  took us very close to the falls,  and Cave of the Winds were both fun things to do ..

I’m sure we’re leaving out other stuff .. but .. I think we covered alot of our trip adventures ..   If all goes as planned .. we hope to do alot more traveling in 2010 ..  For now .. we’re thinking of heading out West .. visiting National Parks and taking in as many sights as we can …  it will take alot of planning and preparation to accomplish a trip out west … we’ll be busy over the Winter trying to figure out our plans ..  Stay tuned !





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Oct 15 Snow in Forcast

8:45   Looking at weather forcast for next few days … doesn’t look good .. weather ok for this area .. but .. accumulating wet.. heavy snow forcast for Gouldsboro area !!!   Crazy …   Looks like 2 storms are heading into the area .. bringing wet  heavy snow …  We’ll be watching the forcasts  .. thinking we may revise our trip plans .. perhaps leaving a day early .. that could mean we would leave this afternoon .. from what we see in forcasts .. most snow coming in tonite and Friday night !  … We’ll keep the blog updated …

Chilly night last night .. our new ‘weather’ monitor indcated 28 degrees last nite and early this morning …  left portable heater on for most of the night .. a little loud .. but.. kept us warm ..

12:30 .. Just got back from Camping World .  on the way I learned an expensive lesson .. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt !!!  As we pulled on to NY Thruway to go to Camping World .. a State Trooper was watching cars drive through toll booth  … saw I wasn’t wearing a belt .. pulled me over .. wrote me a ticket .. I will probably ‘donate’ $100 bucks to NY State fund !!   😦

Anyway .. we decided to drive home this afternoon .. seems as though brunt of storm will hit our area tonite and Friday .. so .. we’re going to hit the road asap …  should take us less than an hour to hitch up and go .. I’ll let you know when we arrive home !!!!

We made it home without incident !!!   Left our rv site around 1pm .. Folks in the office were nice enough to reimburse us for our last day … After about an hour on the road we started hitting some snow/rain showers .. no accumulation on the roads … The closer we got to Gouldsboro the more we started to see the snow accumulating on roads & trees …  Hadn’t backed trailer in awhile so it took me a while to park the trailer ..  snowing and 32 degree temps .. we quickly leveled trailer and emptied out truck bed .. Almost had an ‘adventure’ backing up Casita ..  as I was backing up and straightening out the truck .. almost went into the ditch across from our driveway .. wet leaves and snow … bad combination !!!

Having a cup of tea and listening to local weather .. we think we made the right decision in leaving early .. forcast is calling for snow on Fri/Sat and Sun ! We have almost 2 inches on the ground .. more to come in the next few days … Weather guy mentioned that this storm has broken a record .. it’s the earliest recorded snow storm in history of this area .. go figure .. we have to be towing the Casita during this ‘significant’ event .. 🙂

Pictures show snow as we were unloading trailer ..  more snow has fallen since …

This is our last update to our blog for 2009 !! We had alot of adventures along the way .. from picking up Casita in Texas in March .. to driving home in the snow on our last trip home ..  In the next few days we will winterize the Casita .. wash and wax it .. put a cover over it … and let it ‘rest’ during the Winter months..  Our plans for 2010 include taking a trip to the West Coast .. stopping at as many National Parks as we can .. hope to see the sights in Arizona.. Utah .. Wyoming .. Nevada .. and who knows where else  ??  Quite an adventure … we have alot of planning to do over the winter !!!


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Oct 14 ‘Winter’ Camping is not for the weak !

10:00   Temps  in high 20’s low 30’s last night …  ‘Strip’ heater kept us warm when we left it on .. we shut it down before we went to sleep .. woke up at 2 am .. temp was 48 degrees inside the trailer … put on heater .. temp was at 62 in about an hour .. We’ll do some ‘tweaking’ of our heating system tonite .. we’ll use our portable ceramic heater instead of Casita heater .. We can set a temp range using our portable heater .. keeping temps at an even temp during the night .. when we use Casita heater .. it’s either on and temps get too warm .. or .. it’s off and temps get too chilly ..  I should have used the portable last night .. but it was buried in the back of the truck .. it was dark and chilly when we got back from Casino .. and I was too lazy to dig it out !   🙂

Just got back from showers .. we give them a score of 9.5 on  scale of 10  (4 Paws is a 10 .. Nick & Leslie can vouch for that score) !

We’re off for a walk around the RV site .. then we’re off for our trip to quilt store and camping world .. and perhaps some leaf peeping .. we do see a little blue sky this morning ..

While taking our walk around RV site we found a nature trail that was on site .. thought it would be a cheesy trail .. but .. it turned out to be almost a 2 mile nature trail that was pretty neat. Trail went into the woods .. and much to our surprise they had wooden planks to walk on to keep us out of the muddy areas.. Came across a bird coming out of his nesting box .. ducks .. and a heron .. as well as alot of birds, squirrels and chipmunks..

After our ‘nature’ hike we hit the road for ‘The Stitchers Garden’ for some thread & project stuff for Terri..  Nice place .. only about 30 min from our site ..  On the way we noticed a mall that had a LL Bean outlet and some other ‘interesting’ stores to check out .. as well as some eateries …  Stopped in LL Bean to pick up some shirts and a indoor/outdoor weather station .. can’t have enough electronic stuff !!  🙂   Now we can tell what the outside temps are .. (it has a remote sensor).. For lunch/dinner we stopped a place called ‘Bonefish Grill’ .. a chain of seafood type food .. Pretty tasty grilled salmon !  Our first visit to this joint .. we liked it enough to go back again … although I’ve only seen one other Bonefish restaurant that was in Lehigh Valley Mall…


Dug the portable heater out of truck bed .. as I thought .. it was buried under alot of other stuff .. temps supposed to dip into high 20’s tonight .. good night to have the heater going ..  when we got back to trailer this evening .. inside temp was around 50 .. we fired up strip heater and portable heater .. before too long .. temps were up in the 60’s ….  I’ll leave portable unit on tonite with thermostat set to 55 .. only problem with that is that heater will start/stop alot of times during the night trying to maintain that 55 degrees …

Tomorrow we’ll make a stop at Campers World to pick up more camping stuff ..  🙂   then we’ll check out some local towns in the area …

Loaded today’s photo’s in ‘Trip Photos’ link ………

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Oct 13 Casita’s Last trip in 2009 !

Hard to believe .. but .. this is our last trip with Casita this year ..   We left home this morning at 10am .. drove for approx 3hours & 180 miles and are staying in Verona, in New York State.   Chilly weather and few rain showers during our trip .. no problems driving …  Nice RV site .. plenty of sites .. nicely landscaped .. internet access .. and cable hookup .. We’ll be checking out on Friday morning …  Following link is info about our site …

Heading to Turning Stone Resort & Casino tonite to check the place out .. per their website .. should be an ‘interesting’ place ..  we had hoped to do some leaf peeping .. but .. it looks like we may be a few weeks too late .. I’m sure the scenery will look alot better if/when the sun comes out tomorrow ..

Well add more pictures under ‘Photo’s .. Trip Photos link ..

ps.. Heater in Casita is working very good  !!  I think it’s going to get a workout during this trip ..

8:45   Just got back from our trip to the Casino … had dinner at a buffet .. ate too much .. couldn’t help it .. we were hungry !!!  After dinner we walked around the casino then hit the slots … beat the slots for $10 .. so we walked out !!!  Nice casino ..  place was pretty crowded considering it’s a Tue night ..

Got back to Casita .. temp was 50 degrees … turned up heater .. and having a cup of tea ….   Tomorrow we’re off to The Canal Barn (stitching/quilt place) and a Camping World .. you can guess who wants to go where  .. :). Both places are pretty near our campsite …  Maybe we’ll have some sun tomorrow ??

Check out ‘Trip Photos’ section … took some photo’s inside the Casino Lobby …  Terri was standing next to one of those ‘creepy’ dudes that pretend to be a statue …  amazing how still these guys can be … I think he surprised Terri when he ‘grabbed’ her … !


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