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Wellsboro May 6 2010

Get-a-way day ….    In spite of a rain/thnder/lighting storm last night we slept well .. we must have been tired due to yesterday’s ‘extreme’ hiking ! Rain/mud got our stuff a little muddy .. hoses, electrical cable etc … so it took us a little longer to pack everything up this morning .. can’t complain this morning was a sunny day … we could have been departing in the rain …  it’s brutal to pack up in the rain.

All in all .. nice campsite and a good area to spend a few days .. If we have the opportunity .. we would stay at this place again .. It’s a good place for an annual ‘shake down’ cruise for  us and the  Casita …  At this time of year .. we had the campgrounds almost to ourselves … Only thing we couldn’t do is have a campfire .. weather was pretty windy …

Left campsite at around 10:00 .. arrived home approx 1:30 … not too many issues backing in ..  took us a few attempts of backing & making adjustments .. but .. in about 15 min trailer was in place … Another hour to unload and we were done !   Time to start planning for next trip !


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Wellsboro Wed May 5

Temps in the low 40’s last night … we should have used our Casita heater during the night .. but .. because it’s loud we didn’t  …  !  Up early, quick breakfast and headed out to Leonard Harrison State Park …. Took a very steep hiking path called Turkey Path … great water falls at the bottom, but path was very steep and narrow ….  although trail was only one mile … it seemed like alot more . Very tough hiking back up .. made alot of rest stops during our ‘ascent’ ..  Next we headed to Colton Point State Park …  hiked a another trail called Turkey Path .. must be a common name for trails ..  There was supposed to be another nice waterfall half mile into trail .. this trail made the other trail look easy .. no guard rails .. steep and very narrow paths that drop right off the side … We did see a waterfall .. but .. not as nice as first one we saw today .. we decided to head back .. this path was scary !  We were very lucky .. weather today was perfect .. sunny .. warm .. no threat of rain all day !

Headed to town of Wellsboro .. by this time, 2pm , we were starving  .. ate at Wellsboro diner .. pretty nice place .. very old and a local landmark.  TG checked out Quilt store on main street … walked around main street .. gassed up truck then headed back to campsite at approx 4pm …  showered at camp facilities .. then puttered around campsite .. hope to leave around 10am tomorrow ..

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2010 It’s a New Year .. New Adventures

Wellsboro Pa    Canyon Country Campground

Well.. we survived a very long winter (in more ways than one), it’s Spring and we’ve got the Casita ‘on the road again’  !!  Our first camping trip for 2010 is in progress .. we left this morning at 10:00 arrived in Wellsboro PA at approx 1:30 ….  staying at a ‘Good Sam’s’ campsite called  ‘Canyon Country Campground’ …  Weather was mostly sunny along the way with a few rain showers along the way and alot of  ‘dark clouds’.. by the time we arrived at campsite .. sun was out and we were able to setup trailer in good weather .. always much more fun when that happens !

After getting settled in and having a snack .. took took a mile hike to Leonard Harrison State Park … a trail runs through campsite to the park .. very convenient..  weather was changing as we progressed on our hike .. sunny to rain showers … hunkered down for awhile at Park’s gift shop waiting for rain to stop ..  rain cleared after awhile and blue skies & sun was with us again …  After taking a few pic’s with the Canon T2 i .. we headed back to Casita for supper  .. we pre-prepared a meal .. so dinner was quick and easy …  Was going to get some firewood .. but .. it’s too windy out .. don’t want to worry about flying burning embers as we sleep !

Will watch a DVD (24 season 5) tonite .. then get up early tomorrow to do some hiking and explore town of Wellsboro …  TG’s got a quilt store scoped out in Wellsboro .. and we’ll hit the ‘famous’ local hotspot .. ‘Wellsboro Diner’ !  🙂

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