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June 19 Back Home ….

Made it back home on Thu afternoon ….  past few days have been a real ‘challenge’ .. I’ve been sick since Tue afternoon .. felt sick (stomach ache) almost immediately after leaving a restaurant we had lunch at..  fever, chills, headaches, dizzy and all round feeling poorly !!  Not wanting to put Terri in a bad situation by having her drive .. I drove the 3 hour ride to New Market .. the 3 hours felt like 6 hours ..  Got to our campsite in New Market ..  parked and didn’t bother unhitching the trailer.. I slept what was left of the afternoon an most of the night. Next morning I was still feeling sick .. no way I could handle another 5/6 hour drive ….  After leaving the campground and filling truck with gas … we made a ‘management’ decision  .. Terri would take the wheel !!!!!  Now .. she has never driven with trailer … but at this point we had no choice …  We thought that if she could just drive for the first few hours .. I would feel good enough to finish off the trip .. WRONG … I was still feeling sick .. not only did Terri drive the entire trip … she pulled into rest areas.. pulled into a truck stop for lunch ( I still couldn’t eat .. hadn’t eating since Tue afternoon).. pulled into gas pump .. all accomplished with no problems …she earned her trailer towing degree with honors !! Pretty impressive … trial by fire !!!  She drove .. while I slept .. she must have gotten her confidence after driving awhile .. I woke up one time and we were in the fast lane .. she was passing other cars/trucks on the road !!   🙂  Arrived home Thu afternoon .. too tired to deal with backing trailer in .. we just pulled it straight into our driveway…  I went inside and .. you guessed it .. went to sleep .. woke up to find out that Terri unloaded trailer and put all our gear away … !   On the funny side  (but not at the time) .. I sat on my glasses while in New Market campsite .. popping lens out and bending the frame .. this might not be a problem except that with bifocal lenses .. frames need to be pretty aligned !! Went to doctor on Friday .. checked me out .. ordered blood & urine tests and some meds for my stomach issues ..  Just got back from a pre scheduled kidney/liver MRI scan .. and went out for breakfast .. my first meal since Tuesday ..  Doctor gave me a good incentive ..  if I wasn’t eating I would have to drink alot of fluids .. or I would end up in hospital for dehydration issues !!  I’m still a little woozy .. but feeling alot better .. all in all .. it’s been a wild ride !!!!!!  Got to love those road ‘adventures’     Time to start planning our next trip  !!!  🙂


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June 15 Virginia Beach

Took an hour ride to Va beach this morning .. Terri checked out a cross stitch store that she’s been wanting to visit …  approx 60 min from our site. Ladies in the shop gave us a good lead on a good place to have lunch… Seafood place right on the bay … nice place .. good food ! Drove around for awhile then headed back to campsite .. tomorrow we break camp and take our 3 hour ride back to New Market (Endless Caverns Resort)… No complaints about our current site ….  ‘American Heritage RV’ .. would stay here again..  So .. we’ll putter around tonite and relax and do nothing …  we’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to pack & go..  I’ll put what photos we’ve taken in shutterfly ‘Trips Photo’ link ….

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June 14 Historic Williamsburg

Making the tour of historic Williamsburg today .. should be a long .. hot day !!  Had a few rain showers last night .. but looks like we’ve got a sunny day ( so far ..)…  Short drive to Historic section …  Only 8 miles from campsite …  Arrived at 09:30 .. wanted to get an early start before temps got too hot …  We’ve never been to Williamsburg .. it’s a pretty big place .. lots of restored buildings .. and lots of walking ! Interesting stuff !

Governor Dunmore's Palace

After having lunch and touring buildings, exhibits, etc we left at approx 4pm … it was a full day  … Williamsburg is one of these places you want to see once … very interesting stuff … but no need for a return visit …  :

Had  a light supper at campground, watched sunset, showered then called it a night ..  Campground is pretty nice ..  it’s one of the few places we’ve stayed at that has a concrete pad … when we pulled in we didn’t have to do any leveling …  we’re on an end row .. so no trailers are on one side of us ….  Tomorrow we’re heading to Virginia Beach !

It's a rule .. you have to wear the tri corner hat !

You can buy one of these 'fancy' hats for $60 dollars !

Sunset at campground

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June 13 Heading to Williamsburg

Get-a-way day …heading to Williamsburg this morning !   Just finished breakfast .. packing up and heading out. Guessing we have a 3 1/2 hour ride to Williamsburg .. Weather looks good .. no rain in sight .. maybe later this afternoon. Forcast calls for triple digit temps tomorrow !!

Left campsite at 10:00 arrived in Williamsburg campsite at approx 1:30 ….  very hot & humid !!  As we were registering a couple came over to us and wanted a tour of the Casita .. I registered .. Terri was the tour hostess. Folks had heard of Casita’s but have never seen one .. they have a small trailer called an RPod …. we came across an RPod last year ..  pretty unusual looking .. in a good way.  As we were pulling into our site we found a big rig  in our spot with no signs of them packing up .. drove back to office …  seems as though the folks forgot what day it was and didn’t check out .. they thought they had another day .. since they had reservations at another site tonite they had to get moving .. so we waited while they packed up… We waited in the office cooling off in the AC !!  After an hour delay we finally got into our site .. really nice site and campground .. I’ll take some photos later .. temp inside Casita was 102 when we got into our site .. AC unit on full bore … 85 degrees as I’m typing this … haven’t finished setting up our gear .. will do that when we cool off a bit !

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June 12 Staunton Va

Toured the town of Staunton today …  approx 30 min from our site.. Nice historic town with lot of shops on main street. Checked out a farmers market that was in the center of town then had lunch. On the way back to trailer Terri located a quilt store … she can always find these places where ever we go … she has a 6th sense for these places…   really hot day today … in the 90’s … we are not used to this kind of heat ! We’ll do some grilling today .. then prepare for tomorrow’s get away .. I think we have a 3 hour ride to Williamsburg….

Staunton Main Street

Farmer's Market

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June 11 New Market / Shenandoah

Another sunny morning … !  Leaving for Park early this morning ..  8-ish … A little more hiking .. can’t do too much .. we’re still tired from yesterdays hiking..Then we’ll have lunch at the Park .. decent restaurant with nice views ..    No sleeping late at campsite .. very .. very loud birds in the area .. one was so loud this morning (05:30) that I thought it was a car alarm going off ….

Mr Photographer in action !

Good day on the trails … took some ‘easier’ trails today !!   Instead of going to the water fall paths .. we went for the more scenic ones. Path we took took us over looking a pretty steep cliff .. great views … temps were up in high 80’s so we got a little tired on the way back. Had lunch at Shenandoah Skyland Lodge.  Window seats overlooking the mountains… nice..  Back at the campsite .. showered .. and chillin out .. planning our day for tomorrow.. Going into some local towns instead of going to National Park.   Campsite is really filling up now that we are getting into the weekend .. it’s been a parade of big rigs & trailers going by our site all afternoon. Instead of the one escort vehicle showing people to their sites .. they are using 3 today !!!!  Folks at office told us that since we were last year .. they have been taken over by a Morgan RV Resorts .. seems as though Morgan has turned into some of their resort campsites into NASCAR themed resorts … so . we’re staying at a NASCAR resort .. but .. you wouldn’t know .. we see nothing related to NASCAR .. I think the take over to new management is not complete …

More photos under Trip Photos Link……

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June 10 New Market

Nice to wake up with sun shining through windows and birds chirping !  Sunny day today supposed to be up in the high 80’s ..  Had breakfast outside ..  now .. if we could only do something about these gnats … we are in the middle of the woods .. so .. I guess we are invading their territory .. and they don’t appreciate it !  We’re off to Shenandoah Park after we clean up .. taking the Canon T2 with tripod and lenses .. should be fun .. With all the rain we saw yesterday .. hope to find some good waterfalls !

Back at campsite at 3:30 …. 4 hours hiking the trails .. very nice day.  Had a bear encounter …   as we were driving up to the Park .. we noticed a bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road .. a good clue that something was going down !   We parked and sure enough there was a black bear in the woods .. tough to get a picture because she (?) was in the shadows … no photos but we did get to see a bear .. nice !  Hiked a trail with alot of waterfalls .. thought there would be more water in the falls .. I guess they did not get alot of rain yesterday…..

Grilled up some flank steak and corn on the cob for supper …. bottle of wine .. great dinner !  Not much wind .. so we had a campfire tonite ..

Today ‘special day’ was our 37th anniversary !  …….

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