June 10 New Market

Nice to wake up with sun shining through windows and birds chirping !  Sunny day today supposed to be up in the high 80’s ..  Had breakfast outside ..  now .. if we could only do something about these gnats … we are in the middle of the woods .. so .. I guess we are invading their territory .. and they don’t appreciate it !  We’re off to Shenandoah Park after we clean up .. taking the Canon T2 with tripod and lenses .. should be fun .. With all the rain we saw yesterday .. hope to find some good waterfalls !

Back at campsite at 3:30 …. 4 hours hiking the trails .. very nice day.  Had a bear encounter …   as we were driving up to the Park .. we noticed a bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road .. a good clue that something was going down !   We parked and sure enough there was a black bear in the woods .. tough to get a picture because she (?) was in the shadows … no photos but we did get to see a bear .. nice !  Hiked a trail with alot of waterfalls .. thought there would be more water in the falls .. I guess they did not get alot of rain yesterday…..

Grilled up some flank steak and corn on the cob for supper …. bottle of wine .. great dinner !  Not much wind .. so we had a campfire tonite ..

Today ‘special day’ was our 37th anniversary !  …….


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