June 11 New Market / Shenandoah

Another sunny morning … !  Leaving for Park early this morning ..  8-ish … A little more hiking .. can’t do too much .. we’re still tired from yesterdays hiking..Then we’ll have lunch at the Park .. decent restaurant with nice views ..    No sleeping late at campsite .. very .. very loud birds in the area .. one was so loud this morning (05:30) that I thought it was a car alarm going off ….

Mr Photographer in action !

Good day on the trails … took some ‘easier’ trails today !!   Instead of going to the water fall paths .. we went for the more scenic ones. Path we took took us over looking a pretty steep cliff .. great views … temps were up in high 80’s so we got a little tired on the way back. Had lunch at Shenandoah Skyland Lodge.  Window seats overlooking the mountains… nice..  Back at the campsite .. showered .. and chillin out .. planning our day for tomorrow.. Going into some local towns instead of going to National Park.   Campsite is really filling up now that we are getting into the weekend .. it’s been a parade of big rigs & trailers going by our site all afternoon. Instead of the one escort vehicle showing people to their sites .. they are using 3 today !!!!  Folks at office told us that since we were last year .. they have been taken over by a Morgan RV Resorts .. seems as though Morgan has turned into some of their resort campsites into NASCAR themed resorts … so . we’re staying at a NASCAR resort .. but .. you wouldn’t know .. we see nothing related to NASCAR .. I think the take over to new management is not complete …

More photos under Trip Photos Link……


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