June 13 Heading to Williamsburg

Get-a-way day …heading to Williamsburg this morning !   Just finished breakfast .. packing up and heading out. Guessing we have a 3 1/2 hour ride to Williamsburg .. Weather looks good .. no rain in sight .. maybe later this afternoon. Forcast calls for triple digit temps tomorrow !!

Left campsite at 10:00 arrived in Williamsburg campsite at approx 1:30 ….  very hot & humid !!  As we were registering a couple came over to us and wanted a tour of the Casita .. I registered .. Terri was the tour hostess. Folks had heard of Casita’s but have never seen one .. they have a small trailer called an RPod …. we came across an RPod last year ..  pretty unusual looking .. in a good way.  As we were pulling into our site we found a big rig  in our spot with no signs of them packing up .. drove back to office …  seems as though the folks forgot what day it was and didn’t check out .. they thought they had another day .. since they had reservations at another site tonite they had to get moving .. so we waited while they packed up… We waited in the office cooling off in the AC !!  After an hour delay we finally got into our site .. really nice site and campground .. I’ll take some photos later .. temp inside Casita was 102 when we got into our site .. AC unit on full bore … 85 degrees as I’m typing this … haven’t finished setting up our gear .. will do that when we cool off a bit !


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