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July 16 Breaking Camp … heading home …

Early start to our day as usual .. just can’t sleep ‘late’ when we camp …   Took us a little longer than usual to cleanup and get ready to leave .. had 2 stinky slinky’s to clean .. and we spent extra time cleaning the Casita .. including using the ‘magic wand’ to clean the terlit ….  After driving for approx 2 hours .. stopped at a Cracker Barrel … not great food .. but .. I love their parking arrangements for RV’s & trailers ..  Another  2 1/2 hours and we made it home .. good weather all the way … no issues backing into driveway … some days are better than others as far as backing up is concerned … Casita and truck need a major washing … we brought back alot on Maine dirt with us .. 🙂

Great trip .. alot of adventures .. and of course the moose sighting !!!

So .. now it’s time to think about our next trip … perhaps a trip out to Western PA …. ?????


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July 15 Brimfield Antique Show

Antique show is reason for us being here .. Terri’s has been waiting to see this show for over a year … hundreds of venders lined up in the streets and in fields ….  Town has this show 3 times a year …..  alot of folks coming from several states come to do their ‘antique-ing’ …  arrived at show at 09:00 … left at 14:00 … ALOT of walking in that time period ….  bought some stuff .. mostly crafty related items for  Terri .. fabric .. ribbons, lace .. buttons .. etc ….  These ‘antique’ Shows always amaze me for 2 reasons … 1) amazing that  venders put a price sticker on their crapola .. 2) amazing that people will buy it !!!!  A hot day .. so .. we headed back to campsite at about 15:00  (3 pm for the non military folks)….

Brimfield Antique Show ... main street

Many .. many .. antique-ers .....

Tomorrow is getaway day … we think we have a four hour ride home tomorrow …  Hopefully we’ll get a better night sleep tonite .. our campsite is right next to a pond that has a water fountain that  stays on all night … sounds like a waterfall .. we were serenaded twice .. while going to bed .. toad/bull frogs were singing .. early this morning the birds were singing …  !!

Having issues loading our pictures out to Shutterfly … wrote a note to tech support .. they gave me some things to try to resolve issue … since we don’t have wifi at campsite (we’re sitting on benches in front of office) I haven’t been able to work with photos ….

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July 14 Leaving Maine .. Next Stop Mass…

Left our campsite at 07:30 .. wanted to get an early strat because we want to spend some time in Freport … LL Bean …  Arrived at LL Bean at approx 10:30 … bought a few odds & ends … chatted with LL Bean Kayak guy .. I think we’re just about ready to pull the trigger and buy our kayaks ….. !  Checked out a few other stores besides LL Bean ..  some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream .. and we took off for Monson Mass .. location of our next campsite …

LL Bean

Arrive at our campsite around 16:30 … decent place .. a few issues setting up ..  while backing in trailer .. we didn’t notice a ditch/gull .. backed right into it .. a little bit rough on the Casita … but .. no damage …  Had some leveling issues .. site is not that level .. water/sewer  connections are pretty far from the Casita .. this is the first time I had to use 2 stinky slinkies to  hook up … good to have a spare slinky !

Campsite in Mass ...

Tomorrow off to Brimfield Antique Show .. approx 10 min from our campsite …

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July 13 Last day in Maine…

We both woke up with some sore muscles from vertical hiking and paddling ….  so today is planned out to be an ‘easy’ day … We read about a nice waterfall in our area .. ‘one of the best in Maine’ …  so we left campsite around 10:00 …  brochure said that we would have a 16 mile ride .. what they forgot to say is that those 16 miles were over logging roads !!!  Those logging roads are not meant for cars and small trucks … numerous pot holes (craters) and rocks in the road … I could only go 10-15 mph due to fear of busting something in the truck … breaking down on one of these logging roads is the last thing you want to happen …  seems as though Maine has alot of these logging roads that can be shared by the public .. if you see one coming it’s Maine law that the truck has the right of way … After driving about 10 miles on this road .. we gave up .. came to our senses and turned around ….by the time we got back to town .. truck was covered in dirt dust .. including in the truck bed … alot of cleaning to do when we get home …. After lunch in town we headed out for  a drive in the scenic country (ie.. looking for moose   :).   Really nice country .. tons of pine trees … no traffic ….  Our trip almost ended at the Canadian border …. Greenville is only approx 60 miles from Canada …

Get away day tomorrow .. we’re thinking we might make a stop at LL Bean in that we will be in that area …  hope to get an early start .. 7-8ish would be great … we have an approx 6 hr drive to our next campsite .. Monson Mass ….

Road to Canada

Lots of logging trucks on the roads ....

Almost at the border ...

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July 12 Day of Adventures ………. !

Sunny morning .. blue sky .. it’s going to be a good day !!!!!   11:00 .. did some hiking at a place called Kineo peninsula .. It was approx  30 minutes from Greenville .. to get to the peninsula we took a water taxi …  approx 15 minute ride …   We thought we’d be ‘conservative’ by taking the ‘Bridal path’ this path was supposed to be not as ‘intense’ as some of the others .. turns out that our path was mostly vertical !!!  From landing dock of shuttle to summit was 5 miles … total elevation was 1789 feet … It was a ‘challenging’ hike on a warm day … At the summit there was a firetower that you can climb for a good view of the area …  only problem was … our legs were so tired from the climb .. we couldn’t make it up the 4 flights of steps !! We were able to take some photos over looking Kineo Mountain about a .7 of a mile from the summit …nice views …  Hike down took us half the time it did going up … those vertical climbs are rough !   In that water taxi runs every hour .. we had to wait for it to arrive to take us back .. no problem .. we needed the rest .. so we sat on a bench for about 45 min …  As taxi arrived and was docked to it’s slip … we felt a few rain drops .. up until this time .. weather had been sunny with a few clouds …  within minutes the few drops turned into a steady rain .. then a hard down pour … having no rain gear .. and no gear to cover our cameras .. we ran to the taxi for cover .. luckily it had a roof … TG with the help of other passengers zipped up side covers on taxi to prevent rain from coming in and soaking us… Ride back to main land was very choppy and windy .. lucky for us .. rain stopped as we got close to our departure point .. a close call !!

Mount Kineo

Firetower at summit of Mt Kineo

After lunch in town … we went to a place called ‘Northeast Outfitters’ … they provide white water rafting tours, kayak tours and .. last but not least Moose Safari Tours .. we signed up .. ($50 each)..   No guarantees of seeing moose .. but their track record is pretty good … we heard that from several people in town as well as folks in visitor center … So .. they took us along with 6 other folks by van to their ‘secret’ pond where they usually find moose …  Took us approx 90 min to get their .. traveled mostly dirt logging roads . a long bumpy ride .. once there they set us up with canoes (3 of them) .. while we waited for them to get canoes ready .. we observed another tour group already in the water watching a moose in the water … they were at the far end of the pond .. so we couldn’t get a good look at moose ….  we thought we missed all the action .. by the time we got in canoes and paddled out .. we thought moose would be gone … and we were right … moose disappeared on us !!!!!  We slowly paddled around the pond … I say pond .. but .. it’s called a pond only because it is shallow .. this pond was actually huge !!! Paddled for at least 30-45 minutes … no moose …  As we paddled back to where we first started from .. we saw a different and bigger  moose !!!  A huge bull moose with some hefty antlers !!!!  Water was shallow so he was just standing in water .. diving in then coming back up … amazing !!!!  We paddled as close as we could .. guide wouldn’t take us too close .. there are stories that the moose, especially the bull moose, have tipped over canoes !  Telephoto lens worked great although taking photos was difficult .. water was very choppy and canoe was rocking pretty good …. Between our 3 camera’s we were able to get a few decent shots …  We never expected to see a bull moose … we had heard that best chances of seeing them was in Sept …  SO .. that’s are moose adventure … very exciting .. we do it again anytime !!!!

Mr Moose .....

We’ll add more photos of moose and hiking adventures to our photo log soon …. I’ll try and do some cropping and clean them up a bit …

Got back to campsite around 9:30 .. quick shower .. and we’re getting ready for bed .. it’s been a long day !!!!

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July 11 Day 2 in Maine …

Day 2 ..  Yesterday was a long day .. alot of driving …  6 1/2 hours to get to our campsite ..  approx 5 hours driving around Moosehead Lake area … Good news is we had a good night’s sleep .. taking our showers (showered in Casita .. campsite showers are poor !) ..and had breakfast .. We are ready to find some moose today !!   We are determined to moose before we leave … we will check into a guided moose tour while we are in town … a tour will be our plan B .. we’d rather find the moose on our own .. but ……  Today’s plans include taking a hike .. touring more of Greenville .. checking out a visitor center .. and moose watching at sunset ….

Are these signs for real .. or just for the tourists ?????

Spent most of the afternoon poking around Greenville …  lunch at a place called ‘Flatline’ .. had some ‘broasted’  chicken ..very tasty !!  Checked out some tourist shopping stores …  etc …. Planned to do some hiking today .. but .. we got  a late start and ran out of time .. for are hike we needed to take a shuttle to an island .. shuttle ran on the hour … by the time we caught a shuttle .. and did hike .. we would be close to last shuttle’s pickup time of 5 pm .. we’ll defer hike for another day .. perhaps tomorrow .. just as well ..  quite a few rain showers today … tomorrow’s forcast looks lot better … In that there are numerous lakes in the area .. we see alot of folks with kayaks …  this area seems perfect for kayakers .. lots of calm water ….  We did see a moose statue .. a winged moose … while driving up to hiking area .. some guy a moose statue in his front yard … guy must have some $$  lived in a gated home .. very rare in this rural area …

Flying Moose ... almost as rare as .. ANY moose !

At sunset we did some moose watching at a local moose hotspot … a DOT (Dept of Transportation) building … right on the main road to Greenville … we’ve tried this area twice for moose watching ..  when other cars see anyone pulled over the side of the road they are thinking there has been a moose sighting .. and before you know it .. 5-6 cars pulled over … tonite we saw a Moose Safari tour jeep in the area … so .. we’re thinking thats a good thing if they are taking paying customers to the same site we’re at ….  needless to say .. no moose sightings … Still have a few days to find one … but .. pressure is building .. we need to find a moose !   🙂

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July 10 Heading to Balsam Woods Campground (Abbot Maine)

Up early this morning .. 02:30 ..   we were tired from trip so we went to bed early last night…  Quiet  campground .. or al least our section is quiet.. Thought we had a little water leak in one of our cabinets .. but .. it looks like water may have been from a leak in a water  bottle .. need to keep an eye on it .. also have a minor fix to do on our fridge door .. bottom strip that holds front panel is loose…  While I’m awake this morning did some internet surfing on our next stop …  Abbott Maine …  Weather forcast doesn’t look too good for next few days .. rain in forcast  .. hope we’re not unhitching in rain this afternoon !  Campsite is in the ‘country’  ..  Biggest attraction in area seems to be Moosehead lake .. biggest lake in Maine  .. sounds good to me .. we need to see a moose !  This area is only 60 miles from Canadian border ….  I think we’ll be spending some time in Greenville .. which seems to be the ‘unofficial’ capital  of the lake …  From looking at internet .. area is very’rustic’ …  just what we were looking for ..

Hope to leave our campsite by 08:00 this morning .. cup of tea .. bowl of oatmeal ..and we’re gone .. should be at our next campsite early this afternoon …

2 pm .. just arrived in our campsite in Abbott Village Maine …   !   Left our campsite this morning at 07:30 so we got and early start.. cloudy dark skies .. but no rain we were approx an hour from our campsite ..  A few showers as we were unhitching trailer … another back in site .. no issues with trailer … rain started failing bit harder as we finished setting up trailer …..  A few adventures finding our campsite … Garmin was giving us some very bad directions …. at one point Garmin had us going down a dirt road going down someone’s driveway  Stagecoach Road) ….  fortunately we found a house with a circle driveway and turned the Casita around before we got into any further trouble !!!  I don’t think Garmin knows it’s country, rural roads very good …..  finally made it to campsite by some ‘old school’ navigation .. maps !

After setting up camp .. we headed into Greenville  (Moosehead Lake) … drove around checking out the area .. and of course looking for the elusive moose …  checked up on some ‘known’ moose hangouts … no luck  .. but .. tomorrow is another day … !!!  Had dinner in Greenville .. then got back to campsite around 9pm .. it’s been a long day .. and worse yet .. no moose sightings !  but .. we did see a fox and a loon !

Tomorrow the moose hunt continues !

'The Bog' an alleged moose hot spot

Maine sunset

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