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Sept 26 Heading Home ..

Left campsite around 9:30 this morning ….  Garmin ETA is 1:45 … Thought we’d stop around noon time for lunch …  In that we stayed in NY Thruway and I 84 for most of our trip back .. there weren’t too many places to stop and eat .. we didn’t have too many provisions in Casita to pull over at a rest stop and eat ..  So .. we thought we’d drive straight through until we hit NY/Penn welcome center for a snack and bathroom break .. As we pulled into parking lot we were shocked to see another Casita in parking lot …  pulled up next to it .. took some pictures .. then went into welcome center .. on the way out we noticed the owners of the other Casita were taking pictures of the 2 Casitas parked next each other …  Folks were from Texas finishing up an East Coast vacation and were heading home .. we chatted for about 20 min .. checked out each others Casita .. compared stories about our trailers .. etc ..  Encounted one issue on return trip .. Ms Garmin zonked out on us .. looks like I’ll need to call Garmin support for repairs ….

NY/Penn Welcome Center

Arrived home around 2:30 .. backed in OK .. and unloaded truck and Casita … took us about 2 hours to get everything out of Casita and truck …  We’ve  got alot of laundry to do .. food shopping to do .. library books to return .. prescriptions to fill ..  tomorrow will be a busy day ..   Good to be home .. we’ve been on the road since Sept 8 …  Not sure if this will be our last trip with Casita for this year …. we might take one more local trip to do some leaf peeping … if we do .. we need to do it pretty quick .. leaves are turning quickly !

It was a great trip .. covered alot of territory in New Hampshire … Moose sighting .. loon sightings, Cog Train ride to Mt Washington, 30 degree/50 mph winds on top of Mt Washington, tour of Measure Mill (boxes), cruise around Lake Winnipesauke , ‘woodie exhibition  .. lots of adventures !


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Sept 25 Last day of our trip ….

Sat ..  Our last day of camping .. we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Big Bass Lake !  We’ll stay close to campsite today .. puttering around campsite .. going for some walks .. taking pictures .. grilling ..  and .. since it’s Sat .. there may be some Nascar action on the big screens !

Nascar Action

Stay tuned for more Nascar action photos …

College football on the big screen … Nascar action later this afternoon …  Don’t see too many people in stands watching the football action ..  Went for a walk around the campsite .. pretty big place, alot of campsites, different camping sections .. some better than others … after looking at some of the other sites .. we are not in one of the better sections ..

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Sept 24 Exploring Saratoga Springs ..

Heading into the town of Saratoga Springs today .. doing some exploring … I’m thinking we’ll be back early this afternoon :)..   Spent the entire afternoon in downtown Saratoga Springs .. pretty big town .. main street was full of activity .. it was a partly sunny warm day, lots of folks milling around down town area. Last night while were checking on things to do .. we noticed that the number one attraction was an automobile museum.. Hard to believe it could be the number one attraction in a pretty big town .. but .. the reviews were correct .. we spent hours at that museum !  Their big attraction was a private owners (NY resident) collection of ‘woodies’ …  This had to be one of the biggest collection of these cars around …. totally rebuilt & restored… cars were amazing ! These ‘woodies’ were built in the 40’s and early 50’s…  woodwork on them is amazing .. wood inside and outside … I’ll post a few photos here .. and post the rest of them (quite a few more) in our trip photos link..

After our car museum tour .. we headed to main street .. parked the truck and walked around the town .. alot of shops .. places to eat .. etc ..  Had lunch outdoors at a place called Wheat Fields .. we were hungry but .. their salads & pizza tasted pretty good ! On the way back to campsite we passed Saratoga Springs Race track .. horses weren’t running .. their season ended 1st week in Sept .. Amazing how big this track area is .. both sides of street for several blocks .. lots of horse stalls .. several tracks .. Track was in a nice section of town .. with a country setting ..

The Collection of Woodies

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Sept 23 Heading to Saratoga Springs NY

Left our Ashland Campsite (Ames Brook Campgrounds) at around 11:00 …  No stops until we hit Vermont .. New York State Welcome Center .. stopped for a lunch break then continued on into Vansevoort NY  .. our campsite for the next 3 nights ..  We’ve seen better campsites in our travels .. but .. for 3 nights … this place will do ..  It’s one of those Nascar themed campsites .. Nascar gear all other place …  they seem to be more concerned about their Nascar themed stuff then they do about maintaining their sites …. The name of the campsite is Adirondak Gateway Morgan RV Resort …  not recommended by the Casita travels (thats us) !  No WIFI from our trailer .. we have to go to their ‘clubhouse’ to get WIFI service … Vansevoort is half way between Saratoga Springs and Lake George area … Get ready for lots of Nascar themed photos !  🙂  Had a good ride today .. no rain in sight .. strange in that during our ride … the foliage in some areas was much colorful than others …  passed through some nice small towns .. Woodstock Vermont looked like a pretty nice place .. but .. couldn’t find any parking .. so we kept on going …

Internet Clubhouse (hot spot)

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Sept 22 Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise

Thinking of going on a cruise around Lake Winni.. today … need to be at marina by noon …  looks like a sunny morning .. so .. maybe we’ll have a good cruizing day ….  Quiet nite last night .. we cooked up some chili (from scratch) .. then ate by the campfire …  Campfire chili .. pretty tasty !  Well … sunny day wasn’t so sunny after all …. by the time we got on board our cruise ship .. we had some scattered showers … but .. during the 2 1/2 hour cruise .. rain shad stopped ann we had a partly sunny day .. a bit chilly out in the water …. Beautiful sights .. a lot of islands and peninsulas (2 73 ?) in Lake Winnipesaukee … Didn’t take too many photos .. everything looked pretty much the same ..  mountains .. water .. houses .. water .. mountains .. houses … etc … After cruise we stopped at Hannaford’s to get some provisions for net leg of our journey .. Ashland NH to Saratoga Springs NY State .. we’re thinking 3 .. or 3 1/2 hour ride ..   Saratoga Springs will be our last stop on our tour … we’ll stay there for 3 nights then head home …

Cruise Ship

House on an Island

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Sept 21 Lake Winnipesaukee

No advance plans for today .. so . we’re winging it ….   Thought we’d head to the ‘lake/beach’ towns today …  Spent some time browsing in a mall that was right across from Lake Winn ….  after walking around the mall we toured the lake .. much to our surprise .. we found a single loon in the lake .. Now .. these loons are pretty hard to come by .. very similiar to the moose .. Didn’t have my telephoto lens on camera when we first saw the loon .. had to go back to the truck .. then back out to the lake .. when I returned .. the loon was still hanging around … Good timing to see the loon .. yesterday we went to the Loon Conservatory … As we were watching the loon we were amazed how long they can stay under water … we actually lost track of him because he was out of sight for so long .. then he popped out quite a distance from where he made his dive ….

'The Loon'

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Sept 20 Exploring Lakes Region …

Some local trivia  … Our campsite is located very near Squam Lake .. Squam lake was the locstion used to film the movie ‘On Golden Pond’  (Henry & Jane Fonda .. back in the 80’s) ….  Small towns in the area still cashing in on the movie .. ie.. Golden Pond Inn, Golden Pond General Store, boat tours to take tourists around areas that movie was filmed … etc ..

Went to a good Quilt store in the area .. ‘Quilted Keepsakes’ ….  then went to a place called ‘Castle in the Clouds’ …  Huge mansion (castle) built by some millionaire back in the early 1900’s ….  Castle is built high in the mountains … beautiful lake views ..  alot of restoration work has been done to it .. but it is amazing .. guy spared no expense when he built it … took the castle tour , toured the grounds , then had lunch in their cafe … On our way back to campsite we stopped in a place called ‘The Loon Center’ ..  (thats loon as in bird .. ) .. watched a 30 min video .. interesting birds .. black & white feathers with red eyes …  that mainly live in North East …

Castle in the Clouds


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