Sept 11 Wilton New Hampshire

Spent the day in Wilton NH …  visited a place called Frye Measure Mill .. very interesting and historic place .. This company has been making wooden shaker boxes, wooden containers for well over 100 years.. they are still making them today with the same equipment !!!  Place looks like a Rube Goldburg invention … pulleys and belts are running throughout the ‘factory’  ceiling …  Owner led  a tour and gave demos on how equipment works ….. amazing !!  One of the major changes is that no longer bring in wood and cut it … they get it from surrounding NH wood mills .. but .. other than that they’re still made the same as they were back in the old days … No modern equipment is used … no glue used on anything …

Check out their website .. video clip is interesting …

In that it took us over an hour to get to Wilton .. and we took the 90 minute tour .. this adventure took up most of our day .. but it was well worth it …  This is our last night in Exeter NH .. tomorrow morning we’re heading to North Conway NH for 4 nights .. trip should only take us 2 hours .. so no rush in leaving tomorrow morning ..  A few Photos from today’s visit ..


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