Sept 17 Exploring Lancaster area …

Light rain for most of the night and into this morning … forcast calls for better weather for next few days …  Plan for today is to explore town of Lancaster and it’s surrounding small towns … and of course .. we’ll always be looking for the elusive moose !  Toured town of Lancaster … like all towns in the area .. it’s a very small town .. nice main street .. Terri bought a pair of shoes and a slate picture frame ..  before the day was over we stopped in several towns .. had lunch .. took photos of covered bridges .. scenery ..  The Balsam Hotel (huge luxury hotel),  State Parks etc …  our big moment of the day was finding a bull moose !! We were just leaving a state park at around 7pm .. as we turned a corner .. there he was …. right on the road in front of us … this guy was huge .. only got 2 photos of him before he took off into a tree farm ….. hard to believe how big they really are … will post photo when I get them downloaded …..  Tomorrow is our last day at this site .. we leave Sunday morning to our next campsite …

'The Beast'



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2 responses to “Sept 17 Exploring Lancaster area …

  1. Nick

    Getting a little concerned over this sudden interest in mooose!!! : – )

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