May 5 Heading to Grain Valley Mo

Happy Cinco de Mayo  !!!

Another cold night .. putting Casita heater to good use !  I’m thinking we may need to find an electric blanket sometime soon if these cold nights continue…  Almost 8 am .. Finishing up our breakfast .. then we’ll begin the packing up & hitching up routine ..  Not sure if our next stop has wifi ..  if not .. we’ll catch up with you when we can. Grain Valley is a one night stay .. then back on the road..  If we can continue our progress on the road .. we should be at our first National Park on Sunday  .. ‘The Great Sand Dunes’ ..  Catch you later …

Greetings from Trailside RV Park in GrainValley Mo !!  Did our usual 6 hours of driving and approx 285 miles ..  Three of the six hours today were driving in the rain .. we have seen more than our share of rain so far. The good news is that weather seems to be warming up .. and not as much rain in the forcast for next few days.  It’s approx 6pm .. we’re settled into our camper for the night ..  Trailside RV Park is really a misnomer …  there is no ‘Trailside’ .. name should ‘Interstate 70’ side ..  Campground is right next to Interstate 70 … we will be hearing trucks buzzing by all night. Good news is that we are hear for one night .. This campground is really beat .. it’s one of those places that a coat of paint will not fix, structures need to be demolished and rebuilt  .. it’s too far gone as far as buildings are concerned .. showers are a mess .. office .. etc .. etc … Good news is the wifi access is good  … !

Our drive today took us over Mississippi River … we were a little concerned that there may  have  been some issues due to local flooding problems .. this area has gotten ALOT of rain recently .. but .. we crossed the river no problems .. only delays were due to bridge maint. Most of flooding issues are South of us. Tonite we made advance reservations for the next few days .. so we’re all set .. all we need to do is drive. We hope to get an early start tomorrow morning .. 8ish ?? We’re thinking instead of having our usual oatmeal breakfast .. we’ll catch a Cracker Barrel that is in the area .. We’re going through CB bisquit withdrawal symptoms …  🙂 .. have only been a CB once on this trip !   We have a longer drive than usual tomorrow .. approx 320 miles … May be looking for a relief driver by the end of the day …

Todays miles …..



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6 responses to “May 5 Heading to Grain Valley Mo

  1. Nick

    I think it’s supposed to start warming up according to the weatherlady on TV. Aren’t you glad the Casita has a heater. We like our ‘furnace’ too, but it’s a little on the loud side. We use those electric ‘cube’ heaters and an electric fan mostly. The propane furnace is our backup if it really gets cold.
    I posted something about the Greenville pix yesterday but it didn’t show up (??)
    Anyway, have a good traveling day. We’re leaving for TN tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll be able to latch on to a WiFi signal or not. Bringing the i Pad (and charger!!) this time. Might sign up for a month of ATT service (??). Not sure how long I’ll be up there though.

  2. Nick

    Guess you guys luvs the Cracker Barrels!! What can I say?

    Glad this campgrounds has good WiFi anyway. Luckily you’re not staying there long – that truck traffic noise gets old pretty quick. One thing you don’t have to worry about at our TN RV retreat. We’re going up there tomorrow in fact. Weather forecast looks good for a change. Well have a good evening – hope you brought some good reading material!!

  3. Nick

    Liked pix of campground – as I said, at least they have good internet!! You should be an investigator for camping magazines – that shower was not up so ‘standards’. The 18-Wheelers are close enough to read the writing on the sides! I’m sure this place is not on your ‘stay again’ list!

    OK, we’re trying to finish packing for our mini trip. Drive safely!!

  4. Amy

    Looks like you’re in serious farm country now! Have a quiet night…

  5. dave

    just had cracker barrel…it was awesome. I think a great place for a photo of the day would be a mid western walmart.

    grow the beard

    • g2adventures

      OK .. Dave .. we’ll hunt down a mid West Walmart for you .. I could be wrong .. but .. it might look alot like an East Coast Walmart 🙂
      as far as the beard … momma G is not too thrilled your suggestion :0)

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