May 8 Great Sand Dunes National Park

Got an early getaway from our dump of a campsite and headed to Alamosa Co .. took us 4 hours of straight driving ..  arriving at our KOA at around noon time …  Scenery really changed for us during our ride … we went from farm/cattle sights to mountains … not just mountains .. but .. snow capped mountains .. looked like a Coors beer commercial .. Rocky Mountains at it’s best …  Mountains really came in to view when we drove through Colorado Springs ..  (home of USAF Academy and USA Olympics Training Center ..  we passed by the USA hockey training building). Beautiful scenery all around Colorado Springs ..  Arrived in our campsite around 12-ish .. site is MUCH nicer than our previous site.  Did a quick Casita unhitch then headed into the town of Alamosa (approx 4 miles) for some gas. After tanking up … we headed to The Great Sand Dunes National Park .. one word .. AWESOME !!   Sunny, warm day ..  sand dunes surrounded by snow capped mountains ..  After checking out the visitor center ..  (scored my first tshirt !).. we headed to the dunes .. no trail to follow .. you can walk anywhere on the dunes .. it would take 1 1/2 hours to reach top of dunes … too much for us .. we decided to walk up just one dune and take some photos ..  as you can imagine .. it’s tough walking in the sand. Wind is constantly blowing .. that’s what makes the dunes …  After our dune hiking adventures .. we headed into Alamosa for a Mother’s Day dinner .. campsite hosts recommend a local place called ‘True Grits’ .. you guessed it .. it has a John Wayne motif on the inside.. Had an excellent dinner ..  then headed back to campsite for showers and some internet action …  We’re heading back to The Dunes tomorrow  (staying at this site for 2 nites) .. we’ll be checking out some other areas .. ie.. a waterfall that’s in a cave .. ??  Alot of gusty winds at campsite .. temps heading down to the low 30’s … then back up in the 70’s tomorrow …  It’s great to step out of our camper and see the snow capped mountains !!!

Bonus…  Due to my senior citizen status .. we get into all National Parks for free !!!!    Sweet !

Sand Dunes Trivia

  • North Americas tallest sand dunes
  • Enough sand to cover Denver
  • In the summer sand can be 140 degrees


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One response to “May 8 Great Sand Dunes National Park

  1. Nick

    We’re back!

    Had a nice weekend in TN. Cool when we arrived (60’s), warm when we left (80’s). Saw damage that tornados did last week. Quite a bit of damage along I-75 – motels and a Ruby Tuesday destroyed in Dalton, GA. Some uprooted trees near our place in TN, but nothing terrible. Apparently 4 people died in Bledsoe county from the storms last week.

    Liked the Colorado pix. Those Sand Dunes look like the Sahara desert! The winds sound fierce if they can reduce your mpg like that. Maybe going back you’l get a tailwind and make up the difference.

    Tell TG she take some good pix!!

    Catch you later.

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