May 13 Moab Utah The Arches

Heading to Moab Utah this morning .. nice sunny day in Montrose  .. forcast is calling for 80 degree temps at Moab !  Doing more research on our next campsite .. Moab RV Resort .. sounds good . but .. we’re a little concerned  about some of negative reviews we’ve been reading .. We’re expecting tight sites .. and alot of campers .. So far .. all our campsites have been relatively empty .. it’s early in the season .. most people hit the road in summer .. but ..  from what we’ve read .. opposite holds true in Moab .. because summers are so hot .. in the 100’s ?? .. Spring and Fall are the busy seasons … We’ll find out soon enough .. we’re getting Casita ready to roll and expect to hit the road around 9:30 … Expect about a 3 hour drive …. We’ll pick up the blog in Moab !

Arrived at our campsite around 1:30 ..  campsites are a little ‘snug .. but their OK .. some grass between sites and some trees .. weather has been great .. in the 80’s .. with sunny skies ! Unhitched .. had some lunch ….. and headed out to The Arches .. thought we could get some touring in while we still have plenty of daylight ….  Arches are amazing .. lots of rock ‘sculptures’ .. and alot of red rock !!!!!   Most of the scenic spots can be sccn by taking an auto tour .. ie.. stay in your car and pull over for the scenic sights .. once you pull over … there are alot of paths or trails you can take ..  only took some short trails today .. tomorrow we’ll put on our hiking boots and take some more difficult trails…


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  1. Russ

    from blizzard to 80 degrees in 24 hours…. i think thats why they make pants that zip into shorts!

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