May 18 Heading to Capital Reef State Park

Starting to rain as we’re finishing breakfast .. checking forcast .. rain for the next few days ..  possible snow showers tonite .. 36 degrees !  Watching local TV  forcasts … all this rain is very unusual for the area … the rainest Spring in 5 years … We are the ‘draught busters’ !!!   Weather is main topic in local news this morning … flash flood, landslide, and mud slide warnings .. etc ..  Since we have a relatively short driving day .. we won’t leave campsite until 10-11.. We’ll be sure to take long .. hot showers today .. don’t think next campground has showers …   We’re expecting to be ‘off the grid’ for next few days … wifi may be available in certain spots in towns near our campsite …  when we gas up the truck in these towns .. we’ll check for wifi access …

‘Going off the grid’   …  catch you later  !   Possee-ing up with our fellow Casita owners  ……

Todays travels



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2 responses to “May 18 Heading to Capital Reef State Park

  1. ncg45

    OK have a good trip. If we don’t here from you for a few days, we’ll know that you’re ‘incommunicado’ with no WiFi!. Maybe the ipad will work(??)

    • g2adventures

      Ipad seems to be hit or miss … Ipad had no service at Capital Reef campsite .. but good access in Torrey .. 7 miles from campsite …
      might be issues with all mountains & canyons ???

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