June 5 Ogden to Jackson Wyoming …

Bright sunny day ..   having breakfast in Casita … hoping to be on the road by 9 am … not as noisy as we thought last night .. we must have slept through it !  We think next site has wifi .. but .. perhaps not at our site .. we may have wifi at a nearby General Store …   when we woke up this morning we see a strange Casita looking trailer next to us .. I’ll snap a photo of it .. it’s green !   OK ..  time to get going … should be in Jackson around lunch time …

Big change of scenery on our trip to Tetons .. stayed on I 15 for only about 20 miles .. then we took 89 N for a good portion of the ride .. 89 was a scenic drive that took us through green mountains with some white snow capped mountains in the backround and for most of way .. a creek/river that ran next to the road .. Passed through Utah State campus … very nice. Stopped at a scenic turnout in Bear Lake   ..  great place to pull over and have lunch .. as we were about to have lunch a couple came to us and asked about Casita .. we gave them a tour .. and gave them a brochure and a postcard for them to fill out .. they seemed very interested in buying one … Let’s hope they like it enough to buy one ..  ie.. $200  🙂 ..  As we were chatting they informed us that the town on Bear Lake is known for their raspberries .. and raspberry shakes ..  couldn’t resist that .. so we stopped in town and had raspberry shakes ..  berries not in season yet .. but .. they tasted good all the same .. quite a few folks were stopped as well.  Made another quick stop in a town called  Afton (Wyoming) .. they had a huge arch going across the street made of Elk Antlers …. yikes .. that was alot of antlers ..  actually as we drove through Jackson and Jackson Hole … we saw a few more Antler Arches .. must be the thing to do … Also drove through a community called Star Valley .. their claim to fame is it is the home of Olympic Gold Medal winner .. Rulon Gardner .. Drove for a short while through Idaho .. then on to Wyoming …Arrived at our campsite at approx 5pm .. it was a long day ! ..  Campsite is pretty good .. full hookups .. pull through .. only complaint I would have is that sites are pretty tight …  No wifi at campsite .. I’m writing this in a cafe approx 2 miles from our site .. there are a few hot spots around .. we’ll drive to them when we want wifi …

– I’ll down load our photos next time we have wifi .. either tonite or tomorrow … Tetons look really awesome with blue sky and white snow capped mountains .. forcast doesn’t look that great for next few days .. Today has been in the 80’s .. saw alot of showers in forcast for next few days …




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