June 6 Grand Tetons


Just had a light lunch at Jackson Lake lodge …  using their wifi in the lobby .. nice place with views of the Tetons…  We’ve been having some adventures since our last update .. but first .. an update from yesterday .. that green trail trailer next to ours in Ogden campground was a 1975 Boler .. Canadian made trailer .. owners are from Alaska and just picked up (in Alaska) with hopes of restoring it …  previous owner painted it green ….

OK .. now to some current adventures …  after we had our dinner last night … we pulled over to the side of the road because we saw a bunch of people with their cameras out .. in the woods was a momma grizzley bear and 3 cubs (see photos) .. Hard enough to get photos of grizzley .. but .. 3 cubs as well … amazing .. !  Rangers had their hands full trying to keep us tourists away… We’re on a roll now .. our first wildlife sighting!  But wait .. driving around to check out other areas .. we spot were photographers on the side of the road … Moose sighting !!  Bull moose was very calmly eating along side the road …  got as close as we dared .. took some pretty good photos …  After hanging around the moose for awhile .. we figured we were done for the night .. it’s getting late .. As we left moose we took another road that led us to a buffalo that was pretty close to the road .. we’ve seen the buffalo from a distance in the meadows .. but .. this guy was up close and personal..  Put on the brakes .. fired up the cameras and snapped away …  they are really ‘hefty’ animals … he eventually crossed the street in front of us ..  OK .. we’re done .. we’ve pretty much have taken all the wildlife photos we came for .. all in matter of 2 hours …  !

Good night sleep last night .. we were tired from yesterday’s long drive .. and our wildlife adventures .. After breakfast and showers (Casita showers) .. we headed to a visitor center .. they were closed by the time we got to them yesterday .. As we’re heading to the center .. another group of cars pulled over ., lots of cars .. this could be big !!  As we parked alot of people were leaving .. guess we just missed a sighting ..  Terri thought we saw some movement in the woods .. so continued .. walking a little farther into the woods as the other folks were leaving .. As I was walking .. a momma moose and her baby walked  right in front of me .. awesome .. a moose sighting and a baby … !  We took our pictures and they decided to cross the street and head towards a pond of water ….  took more pictures .. as they grazed by the pond .. tough to get clear photos because they were always in the shrubs .. finally they both lied down for a nap … watched for awhile .. we’ve been with these moose for almost an hour by now .. since they weren’t moving .. we decided to head of to the visitor center .. an hour or two later we drove by .. sure enough .. they were still napping .. we might try to catch them later ..  Outstanding day ….  we’ll be driving around tonite looking for more photo opportunities …  I’ll load up a few photos in Smugmug .. we’ve taken quite a few photos of these critters .. we need to eliminate alot them …

Needless to say .. Tetons has been one of our favorite destinations !!   Just finished loading yesterday’s photos to Smugmug .. I’ll try and load todays later this evening …



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4 responses to “June 6 Grand Tetons

  1. Jerryc

    Wow!!! I’m really jealous. We’ve made 5 trips to Yellowstone and the Teton’s since 2002 and I’ve never seen a Griz with cubs up close. That is a memory you will hold for a long time. Have fun, and wishing you many more great sightings…………….jc

    • g2adventures

      We love The Grand Tetons… !!! 2 moose sightings today … hope weather gets better for you guys .. and hope you left Jelly Bean Factory with ALOT of jelly beans !! 🙂

      Paul & Terri

      Sent from my Magical iPod

  2. Carol Ollwerther

    Amazing stories and pics. Thanks for sharing. I had bear and cubs in my backyard in Mansfield and saw moose and buffalo (not my favorite of animals) in northern Minnesota but never with the backgrounds and beauty of nature that you have experienced this remarkable feat all in one day! YEAH for the stars being in line! Enjoy!

  3. amy

    Amazing animal pics! That moose wasn’t the cutest but its amazing how close you were!

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