June 7 Tetons and Jackson Hole


Picking up from yesterday ….   Loaded up Momma and Baby moose photos to Smugmug …  Momma and baby stayed in the same location for over 7 hours … we spotted them around 11 am yesterday .. checked again as we were heading to campsite .. at 6pm .. they were still hanging around  …  As we drove by this morning .. they were gone .. they must have slipped away during the night .. probably waiting for all the tourists to leave ..  🙂

Rained for most of the night last night .. figured today would be a good day to drive into the town of Jackson Hole .. approx 45 min from our campsite .. Jackson Hole (Jackson) is a town to do your tourist shopping and visiting .. stage coach rides around the town square .. numerous tshirt shops .. lots of places to shop.. etc .. etc .. Picked up a few tshirts to add to my collection .. Terri picked up a couple of silver bracelets at a jewlery store …  Had lunch in town called Teton Village .. ‘The Mangy Moose’ .. it’s supposed to be in the top 10 of Ski Resort bars …  A good place for an inexpensive lunch .. On the way back to campsite .. (forgot to mention .. we are staying in Colter Bay Campsite in Tetons) … we encountered another moose .. we were driving through an isolated road and Terri spotted it … pulled over and took some photos .. Terri got the front moose photos .. I took the rear end moose shots …  Continued on towards campsite .. came across another moose jam .. lots of people of the side of the road …  a bull moose grazing in a wooded area …  couldn’t get too close to this one .. telephoto lenses did a decent job ….  Another good day of moose hunting !   Stopped at  an exhibit that Laurance Rockefeller donated to the Park System … great exhibits .. photos, videos … One we especially liked was a huge mosaic of the Tetons .. when you look at it closer .. it’s made up of tiny thumbnail size wildlife photos .. amazing !!!  A few more wildlife photos as we continued our trip to camp … buffalo next to the road … elk .. and a beaver …  No beaver photos .. Terri’s camera battery failed .. had to make a quick change .. too late .. beaver gone .. but we did get a photo of beaver ‘house’ ..

We’re currently at the lodge .. using wifi .. and maybe we’ll grab a snack before we head to the campsite …  We’re off to Yellowstone tomorrow morning .. as I’m writing this Terri is checking Yellowstone campsite website .. looks like there is some electrical work being done .. we may NOT have electrical power at site .. WHAT   !!!  Terri is also reading reviews about the campsite .. ‘sites close together’ .. ‘showers $3.50’ .. I guess we’ll be doing Casita showers in Yellowstone !! We’ve got 5 nights at  Yellowstone .. looks like we may be headed off the grid !!!  We’ll have to charge up all our gear when we get back to campsite ….   Soooo.. not sure what to expect when we  hit the campsite at Yellowstone .. we’ll try to find wifi somewhere … we’ll update when we can …   Signing off .. tea & pie at the Lodge .. then showers and charging our gear in preparation for tomorrow …  Did I mention snow showers in tonights forcast ????   🙂


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