June 15 ‘The Badlands’

Great night sleep … quiet campground .. sunny blue skies this morning ! Haven’t seen a clear sky in a LONG time !  Local forcast calls for a ‘perfect’ day today … temps in 70’s .. lots of sun ….  we’ll enjoy it while we can … because  .. tomorrow and next few days have rain in the forcast … hard to believe how much rain we’ve seen in past week or so …  This morning we’re off to visitor center .. then off for some ‘Badlands’ adventures …

Spent the day driving around the Badlands … started at visitor center .. then drove around their designated 16 mile scenic drive. Drive had several ‘pullouts’ to stop and check out the sights …  Park is  different than parks we’ve seen .. rock/canyons are different colors … with alot of green grassy areas. Some canyons looked like they were sand castles … almost same color as sand on a beach. Other canyons had the color and almost the texture of concrete, other  canyons were multi colored .. Checked out a portion of the park called ‘Roberts Prairie Dog Town’ …. .. had to drive a 3 miles of dirt road .. but .. it was quite a sight .. a large community of golphers were spread out in a grassy field …. fun to watch them pop their heads out of their burrows … sit up .. then scurry around the field ..  Also found alot of mountain goats in the canyons … hard to find them because they blend into the canyons …  As we were driving around we found ourselves only 8 miles from the town of Wall … we wanted to check out the town sometime during our visit .. so .. today was the day .. As I mentioned before .. as were approaching the Badlands .. we saw numerous signs/billboards on the side of the road advertising Wall Drug Store …  The place was easy to find because town is very small .. and Wall Drug Store employs almost half the population ..  I guess at one time it actually was a drug store (??) .. Wall Drug Store consists of approx 1 block (both sides) of several stores .. food.. merchandise .. etc .. etc .. This place is obviously  in existence  for the tourist business .. Place reminded us of a place in the South (South Carolina ??) called ‘South of the Border’ … same scenario .. numerous sign/billboards as you approached .. Both places drawing it’s customers with it’s billboards on the highway … Walked around Walls .. checked out some of the stores & shops .. had some ice cream .. bought a tshirt .. and headed back to campsite ….    Haven’t made any definite plans for tomorrow yet .. may check out a missile silo exhibit in the area .. also want to check out Mt Rushmore .. it’s a bit of a ride .. but .. since we’re in the area  ……


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