June 21 North Utica Illinois to MIddlebury Indiana


Long travel day .. arrived at our campsite around 4pm ….  We haven’t encountered any major traffic or even toll roads until today. Traffic near Chicago and Gary Indiana was a mess… traffic .. road construction .. bumper to bumper .. lost at least an hour in the traffic chaos.. A word about Indiana drivers …. they are the worst we’ve encountered on the entire trip .. maybe it’s because temps were in the 90’s today and it was humid .. but .. drivers here are scary … from what we’ve seen today .. they don’t believe in common road courtesy .. they will attempt to pass you any way/anytime they can  .. very weird  and little bit freaky ….. Need to go into aggressive driver mode .. or else I’ll get run over … reminds me of NYC drivers !! Indiana is also they only state we’ve paid tolls ..

Anyway … before we got to our camping site .. we stopped at RV & Motorhome Museum .. it was just off I 80 so we pulled over and checked it out … Had some pretty old trailers & motorhomes that were interesting  to look at … place wasn’t that big .. so there weren’t too many trailers on exhibit … from what I’ve read .. museum is having money issues (who isn’t ??) and might not stay open .. ( I tried to photo titles with trailers) .. After unhitching Casita at our campsite .. we went out for dinner .. went to a place called ‘Das Dutchman Essenhaus’  …  an ‘Amish Country Kitchen’ restaurant … very good food .. the place was packed .. One of their ‘specialties’ is broasted chicken …  it was excellent !  After dinner .. we split a slice of apple pie & ice cream … yes … I do expect to gain 10 pounds from this trip !!!  We’re only 2 miles from Michigan border ..  Area we’re camping in is very close to Elkhart .. the capital of the travel trailer and motorhome industry … in our short time here we’ve seen at least 6 manufacturers … sure there are alot more … also .. area is also noted for their Amish population …  Tomorrow we’ll check out a town called Shipshewana .. an Amish area that ‘boasts’ of having Midwest’s largest outdoor flea market.. and a historic downtown area that has 100 plus local merchants ..  and .. I’ve just been informed .. tomorrow there is also a Quilt show ..   I’m getting tired just thinking about tomorrows adventures :)….


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