June 23 Middlebury Indiana to Streetsboro Ohio

Left campsite under cloudy skies and a few light rain showers … Glad we didn’t have to hitch up .. only takes us 30 min or less to get on the road as long as we’re not hitching up.  We know we’re heading towards some bad weather sometime today .. sky is very cloudy with dark clouds all around us.  Our good fortune of not driving in rain during this trip has ended today .. very hard rain showers for most of the day .. wipers were on/off the entire day … mostly on !  Day was a mixture of very hard rain .. to just rain showers .. Today was one of our ‘low mileage’ days  .. plan was to cover  approx 250 miles …  We’re taking a more northly route home then we did driving out West … going West I think we managed to pay only about $2 in tolls … Yesterday and today was payback !  $4 in tolls in Indiana .. another $4 in Indiana today .. and believe it or not we paid $19 in tolls in Ohio !!!!   That’s right .. $19 !!!  Yes .. Ohio Turnpike is a little pricey …  Glad Casita only has 1 axle .. I’d hate to find out what cost would be if we had a double axle !!  Not quite sure what Ohio is doing with all the funds they are collecting from tolls .. roads were not that great ..  Encountered a little snafu on the turnpike …  we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic .. (at times not even moving) for over 30 minutes .. why ?  because there were signs on the road advising drivers that the 2 left lanes (of 3 lanes) would be closed and that drivers should merge to the right lane …  Now .. I 80 (Ohio Turnpike) is a busy Interstate ..  OK .. so traffic would normally be a little slow because of the heavy rain .. along come these signs .. and traffic comes to a halt.  Eventually traffic slowly started to get moving again … we drove slowly at first .. then we picked up our speed ..  half mile ..  one mile .. no construction .. no traffic cones .. no workers on the road !  Soon we were back up to 50-60 mph …. NO REASON for those merge signs to be on the road at all .. did they forget to remove them .. ?? did they plan for construction then cancelled their plans ?? We’ll never know the reason .. but .. I do know there were alot of motorists driving Eastbound at approx 12:30 this afternoon who must have very .. very unhappy !  :)..

Stopped and had lunch at a Service Center on turnpike after we passed the ‘merge’ fiasco .. needed the break to get something to eat .. and get a break from driving in the rain … After lunch we continued our drive for another hour to our campsite in Streetsboro Ohio .. it’s a KOA … probably one of the most expensive campsites we’ve stayed at during our entire trip .. $44 !  We’ve found that Mid West/East Coast campsites are much more expensive than campsites out West …  It’s a nice site .. trees .. grass between sites .. 2 lakes .. etc .. etc ..  We’re only staying for one night .. so we didn’t unhitch .. I’m thinking we’ll see more rain again tomorrow .. so .. it will be nice to get a quick get-way .. One more overnite stop in PA .. then we’re home !



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  1. Just got finished getting caught up on your travels. WOW! I’m so jealous about all your wildlife sightings in the Yellowstone area. It looks as if you are almost home. Wishing you a safe journey the rest of the way. Keep in touch….Jerry and Wanda

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