Sept 1 Mifflinburg

Quiet night last night .. we’re staying in a section of campsite that is primarily used for seasonal campers …. and most of the campers are not in .. until tonite .. neighbor just pulled in with 2 barking dogs … I’m thinking that our quiet time is over … spent most of the day at Woolrich clothing flagship/outlet store (Woolrich Pa) .. and Mifflinburg .. know as the carriage town ..  Picked up some fall/winter clothes and a wind chime at Woolrich … pretty nice store ..  After leaving Woolrich .. we headed to Mifflinburg … Took a tour of several buildings and a museum learning about history of this town and it’s primary industry .. the town started making carriages in 1845 and became to home to 80 buggy shops .. town became now as ‘buggy town; .. 80 shops .. hard to believe … this is a pretty small town .. Museum and buildings on tour where owned by  William Heiss .. Heiss and family were in buggy business from 1883 to 1920 .. needless to say .. invention of the horseless carriage (cars) caused the carriage makers to go out of business ..  All in all it was an interesting tour  .. didn’t realize how many different carriages were made .. and how they were made … Photos show buildings used to make carriages and the Heiss house ..No definite plan for tomorrow … we’ll figure that out tomorrow morning .. For now .. we’ll enjoy our night .. and listen to some barking pugs !!  🙂

We’ll try to add today’s photos to Smugmug .. but .. internet is v-e-r–y- slow ….


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