Sept 13 Cook Forest / Brookville

Best weather day of trip .. woke up to sunny skies !!   This morning was a perfect day to take a hike in Cook Forest .. Took a 2 1/2 mile hike on a very nice trail ..  Trail was almost completely covered in shade due to the very high tree cover .. Found out that these tall trees are among the tallest in Eastern region ..  over 180 feet tall ..  Hike took us an hour .. taking us over some creeks and wooden bridges..  Next we headed to a small town of Clarion .. nice town with quite a few shops on it’s main street .. after driving around for awhile .. we decided to keep driving … after about 30 min .. we ended up in Brooksville … Terri checked her local area brochures as we were driving and we thought town sounded interesting ..  As we’ve learned .. these local brochures can be very misleading .. but this time brochure was right on the money .. It was a very nice small town with a scenic main street .. Huge brick court house in middle of town .. buildings were well kept & maintained .. interesting Victorian styled architecture buildings .. Found a nice place to eat lunch .. small grill & pub ..  across from court house ..  food was excellent .. if we are ever in the  area again .. would definitely eat there again ! After walking around main street .. headed back to campsite to make plans for our next stop .. we’re leaving current location tomorrow  and will head to a town called Woodland .. approx 2 hours from us.. Woodland’s claim to fame is being the home to a huge herd of Elk ….  we’ll be looking for them !

9:30 pm update …. so much for today’s good weather .. we’re in the middle of a pretty severe thunderstorm .. heavy rain with some hail thrown in !!!!  A lot of loud rolling thunder and lightning above us … wish we didn’t have so many trees around us !!!

Cook State Forest


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