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Oct 10 Leaving Hickory Hill Campground

Breakfast .. showers .. hitchup .. dump tanks . left campground approx 10:00 .  Stopped for lunch at a FlyingJ/Denny’s at around 1:30 ..  Must be Columbus Day and the great weather because we saw a lot of RV/trailers at Flying J…   Arrived home around 2:30 .. approx 200 miles.  Backed up trailer in driveway .. unpacked by 4:30 … Next few days we’ll begin the the big cleanup .. wash .. wax .. clean interior ..  etc … then we’ll winterize trailer & cover it.

Tight squeeze getting out of our campsite .. but .. since Casita tracks very close to the truck .. we didn’t have too many issues.

Tight squeeze between trees and that green fence !


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Oct 9 Hammondsport & Lake Keuka

Toured the town of Hammondsport for most of the afternoon …  town had quite a few shops around it’s town square .. Lake Keuka was just a few blocks from the town square.  Temps were in the low 80’s today .. nice day just to walk around town. A lot of people out enjoying the day .. walking and sitting on benches in a park near the lake. After visiting the town .. we checked out a few wineries that were close to town ..  Thought there were a lot of folks in town .. but .. seemed as if the wineries had even bigger crowds !  Headed back to campsite .. filled up truck gas tank

Heading home tomorrow ..   we’ve had 5 consectutive sunny days …  excellent trip .. This will be our last trip with Casita for 2011 …  Time to wash & wax the Casita .. winterize it .. then cover it up for the Winter .. Time to start thinking about our travels for next year !

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Oct 8 Keuka Lake

Launched kayaks today at Keuka Lake .. nice .. sunny day .. good day to do some paddling !  When we first pulled up to the launching ramp .. water looked a little choppy…  there are some pretty big motor/power boats on the lake.  These larger boats can produce some pretty big wakes when they pass by..  Usually we’ve never taken kayaks in a big lakes .. but .. we’ve come this far .. no turning back now..  After we got the feel of the choppy water .. we had no issues .. learned that it’s best to point bow of kayak directly at waves … if waves hit you broadside they can really bounce you around …  Keuka Lake is a pretty large lake … there were a lot of people out on sail boats, pontoon boats, speed boats, fishing boats, jet ski’s, tour boats .. etc .. It was a great day to spend a few hours …  Considering the size of the lake .. water was pretty calm so we didn’t have too many ‘adventures’ …  Headed back to shore after a few hours of paddling .. After loading/unloading our kayaks from truck a few times now .. we’re getting much better at it .. we’ve cut our times down by quite bit now that we have a ‘system’ of how to lift the kayaks from roof.   After loading up .. we headed to lakefront restaurant we went to yesterday .. sunny .. warm day .. sitting on deck watching boats cruise by .. drinking a mojito .. life is good !

Updating blog in front of our campfire … getting a bit chilly .. hot chocolate will be on our agenda soon …  great way to end the day !   We’ll figure out our plans for tomorrow when we wake up  .. more than likely .. we’ll putter around some of the small local towns ..

Launch Ramp

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Oct 7 Glenn Curtis Museum & Local Photos

Today’s adventures … Glenn Curtiss Museum .. Keuka Lake State Park

Lake Kueka Lake State Park is a very nice park for future camping and for Kayaking … All sites were spacious and well maintained ….  quite a few sites had electric …  If weather is with us .. we’ll launch the kayaks Sat or Sun ..  Stopped and had lunch at a nice restaurant on the lake called ‘The Lakeside’ .. had lunch outside on one of their decks overlooking the lake .. nice sunny day .. waters were very calm …

This morning we headed to the town of Hammondsport .. near Keuka Lake. Our first stop was at Glenn Curtiss Museum..  We could have easily spent a few hours at museum. Numerous displays of Curtiss airplanes, bikes, motorcycles and other memorabilia from Curtiss’s amazing career.. Born in Hammondsport .. he opened a bicycle shop in 1900 while he was in his late teens .. Soon that one  shop turned into several shops ..  The man was a mechanical genius .. tinkering & inventing his entire life. In 1907 he built an 8 cylinder motorcycle and drove it to a record 137 mph at Ormond beach Fla.. he held the title of ‘World’s Fastest  Man on Earth’ until 1930 !  In 1908 he was asked to join the ‘Aerial Experiment Association’ founded by Alexander Graham Bell … They needed Curtiss for his mechanical genius to develop flying machines.  He flew the first pre-announced public flight. He demonstrated need for aircraft in wars .. showing Army & Navy how planes could be used for bombing missions.  Charles Lindbergh & Amelia Earhart learned to fly in Curtiss JN-4 planes..  He built several large airplane factories in Buffalo and produced thousands of planes during WW I. Unfortunately he died in his early 50’s due to a simple blood clot ..  Definitely this is one of the most interesting museums we have seen in quite awhile..

Glenn Curtiss

A few other facts about Glenn Curtiss

  • Inventor with 87 US patents
  • Held motorcycle speed record from 1907-1930
  • Made first city to city flight in 1910
  • Trained first woman pilot
  • Developed first flying boat .. recognized as ‘Father of Naval Aviation’
  • Built P- 40 and C-46 planes during WWII
  • Held first Pilots license

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Oct 6 Corning Museum & Local Photos

Woke up to 32 degrees this morning … Casita furnace and our ceramic cube heater kept us warm .. can’t use furnace all night because it’s too loud .. ceramic heater has a thermostat so unit will start & stop depending on temp …

Went to visit Corning Museum this afternoon .. approx 30 min from our campsite ..  Weather forecasters were correct .. blue sky sunny day .. hardly a cloud in the sky .. next few days are supposed to be the same … Museum was pretty interesting … a lot of glass exhibits .. glass making demonstrations … interactive displays ..  Museum certainly exceeded our expectations .. a lot to see and do.  Most interesting to us was a live demo of someone making a glass vase .. took him 15 min from start to finish .. amazing .. guy that gave demo was a ‘master’ glass blower .. doing it for 30 years .. Amazing …

Entrance to Corning Museum

After checking out museum .. we drove around town of Watkins Glen … and checked out a few wineries around Seneca Lake ..  Found a few white & Reisling wines we liked so we bought a few bottles ..  Tomorrow we’ll check out some wineries on Keuka Lake and also check out Glenn Curtiss Aircraft Museum (also on Lake Keuka).

On our way back to campsite we noticed a hot air ballon that was in front of us .. it was quite a distance away .. so we really couldn’t get a good look at it. Approx 1/2 mile from our campsite we saw balloon preparing to land in a cornfield right across from campsite …. Beautiful sight .. blue sky .. empty cornfield .. colorful balloon …

We’ll attempt to load more photos to our Smugmug Photolink …

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Oct 5 Bath .. NY State

Our last trip with Casita for the year ..  How did we get here .. why are we here ..?

We woke up late Tuesday morning … checked 10 day forcast .. much to our amazement .. forecast was for 7 days of no rain .. mostly sunny days !!  Figured it was a good omen for us to take Casita out for one more trip before we have to winterize .. wash .. wax .. and cover it up for the Winter. Since forecast was so good .. we didn’t want to waste any time .. so we started looking for some campsites around Finger Lake Region of NY State ..  We’ve been to Finger Lakes a few times before .. nice area .. so .. we thought it would make a good last trip.  Now .. finding a campground was another issue .. Between Columbus Day .. Fall Foliage .. and Halloween .. all sites we contacted were booked solid for the weekend.   We eventually found site we’re staying at .. Hickory Hills Resort in Bath .. it’s a little farther than we wanted to drive … approx 3 1/2 hours .. but .. we were running out of options.  An easy drive .. most miles were on Rt 81 .. and Rt 17 .. very little traffic .. just the usual miles of road construction..  So .. Hickory Hills Resort (Resort is a misnomer .. it is NOT a resort)  will be our home for the next 5 nights .. we’ll leave next Monday..   I had a feeling something was odd when I made the reservations .. at first .. they told me all sites were booked up .. but .. when I mentioned we have a small trailer .. they told us they have a site that ‘should’ be large enough for us ..  Red flags went up in my brain …. but .. figured … we needed a site ..  so . . we booked it.  Well .. as we pulled in to our site we found out why they said we ‘should’ be OK ..  site was very .. very tight .. we had to back up between several trees and had to avoid a wooden fence while backing up…  This has to be the hardest site we’ve ever had to back up in ..  Finally made it after several attempts and some near tree/fence adventures .. Seems as though ..we could have had an easier route to our site by avoiding fence if we knew about another road that took us to our site .. Folks in office didn’t tell us about it .. they gave us the more difficult route … then again .. it would have been nice if they would have provided us a ‘escort’ to our site like most large campgrounds do..  Oh well .. lessons learned .. it is a pretty nice site & campground .. site is secluded .. and of course .. trees all around us ..  good wifi & cable .. clean showers …  I have the feeling we are in for more adventures when we break camp and attempt to drive out of our site .. but … we’ll worry about that on Monday …

We’ll do some planning tonite to figure out where we want to go while we are hear .. I’m sure Finger Lake Wineries .. Corning Glass .. will be high on our list ..

Picture doesn’t do justice as to all the obstacles we encountered !!!!


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