Oct 7 Glenn Curtis Museum & Local Photos

Today’s adventures … Glenn Curtiss Museum .. Keuka Lake State Park

Lake Kueka Lake State Park is a very nice park for future camping and for Kayaking … All sites were spacious and well maintained ….  quite a few sites had electric …  If weather is with us .. we’ll launch the kayaks Sat or Sun ..  Stopped and had lunch at a nice restaurant on the lake called ‘The Lakeside’ .. had lunch outside on one of their decks overlooking the lake .. nice sunny day .. waters were very calm …

This morning we headed to the town of Hammondsport .. near Keuka Lake. Our first stop was at Glenn Curtiss Museum..  We could have easily spent a few hours at museum. Numerous displays of Curtiss airplanes, bikes, motorcycles and other memorabilia from Curtiss’s amazing career.. Born in Hammondsport .. he opened a bicycle shop in 1900 while he was in his late teens .. Soon that one  shop turned into several shops ..  The man was a mechanical genius .. tinkering & inventing his entire life. In 1907 he built an 8 cylinder motorcycle and drove it to a record 137 mph at Ormond beach Fla.. he held the title of ‘World’s Fastest  Man on Earth’ until 1930 !  In 1908 he was asked to join the ‘Aerial Experiment Association’ founded by Alexander Graham Bell … They needed Curtiss for his mechanical genius to develop flying machines.  He flew the first pre-announced public flight. He demonstrated need for aircraft in wars .. showing Army & Navy how planes could be used for bombing missions.  Charles Lindbergh & Amelia Earhart learned to fly in Curtiss JN-4 planes..  He built several large airplane factories in Buffalo and produced thousands of planes during WW I. Unfortunately he died in his early 50’s due to a simple blood clot ..  Definitely this is one of the most interesting museums we have seen in quite awhile..

Glenn Curtiss

A few other facts about Glenn Curtiss

  • Inventor with 87 US patents
  • Held motorcycle speed record from 1907-1930
  • Made first city to city flight in 1910
  • Trained first woman pilot
  • Developed first flying boat .. recognized as ‘Father of Naval Aviation’
  • Built P- 40 and C-46 planes during WWII
  • Held first Pilots license

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