Sept 2 Bar Harbor – Whale Watching

Interesting day …  started out with threat of rain but forcast was calling for a zero chance of rain ..  well they were wrong of course.  With high hopes of day clearing up, we went on a 3 hour whale watch boat excursion.  Luckily we layered up and put on sweatshirts .. 20 mile ride out to watch whales was cold & rainy.  By the time we reached whale spotting site .. rain had stopped and water was pretty calm.  Had several humpback whale sightings ….  couldn’t get as close as we would have liked .. but .. we did get some good views of them .. Boat we were on was a high speed catamaran … pretty fast moving ship.  By the time we arrived back in Bar Harbor, rain had stopped and skies were beginning to clear up a little.













After walking around Bar Harbor main streets ..  we stopped and had dinner .. then decided to walk towards pier to check out the boats …  a cruise liner was docked .. and was shuttling passengers back on forth using their ‘tenders’ …  while checking out the ships we noticed a really nice full rainbow  !   It appeared as if there was almost a double rainbow forming .. but second one was very vague … Tough to get  photo of full rainbow because it was so huge …










It was low tide so we decided to walk out to a sand bar ..  alot of people were out walking and driving on the bar,  very scenic with sun setting on the calm water and some kayaks in the background.  After taking a few more night photos .. we headed to our truck .. making one more stop .. we chatted with someone at an information booth in town to pick up some ideas on where to launch the kayaks .. armed with maps and directions .. we headed back to campsite .. tomorrow we launch the kayaks !!   It’s been an interesting day ….


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