Sept 3 Long Pond – Jordan Pond

Starting off the day under heavy cloud cover … but .. we learned yesterday that weather can change quickly.  So with that in mind .. we decided today was the day to launch the kayaks. Drove to Long Pond .. approx  20 min from our campsite. Skies remained mostly cloudy for our time on the pond  .. but .. at least it didn’t rain. Paddled for almost 2 hours .. very calm  scenic pond. While paddling we came across 3 loons … (birds not people..)  Able to take some photos of them as they swam next to us …  birds are hard to get close to .. they dive into the water .. and can stay under for a few minutes ..  when they surface they can be 50 feet or more away from their dive point ..














t was around lunch time by the time we got kayaks loaded on to truck .. so we headed to Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. Jordan’s Pond House is a very popular restaurant that serves lunch & dinner .. usually reservations are usually required.  We stopped in to make dinner reservations .. but .. they had an opening for lunch so we took it. Since we wanted to spend more time at Jordan Pond we made reservations for dinner .. then went for a 3.3 mile hike around a very nice pond  .. i.e… Jordan Pond.  Had a good dinner .. then headed back to campsite. On the way back, sun was setting so we stopped to take a few photos …

No specific plans for next few days .. we’ll take them one at a time, alot of our plans will revolve around the weather .. nice sunny day .. kayaking & hiking. Cloudy days we’ll probably spend time in Acadia National Park , almost all activities their are outdoors so we at least need dry days..   Quite a few folks have left campsite while we were gone today .. we’ve even noticed that campsite internet internet is alot quicker so I may be able to post more photos in our link to Smugmug.

Update…  I’m not able to load my photos due to large picture size .. reducing to medium to see if that works .. if not .. I’ll reduce size to small …  I’ll have to load my large photos when we get home ..

Jordan Pond House



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2 responses to “Sept 3 Long Pond – Jordan Pond

  1. ncg45

    Nice kayak pix! Guess you both had cameras? Do you not worry about cameras getting ruined? I’d probably have to have one of those disposable/underwater jobbers!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. ncg45

    Guess they’ve made some changes to WordPress blog. (??). The above picture expands when you click on it. Weather looks cool. It’s still hot and humid here (92% right now)’ but it will cool off pretty soon I hope.

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