Sept 6 Acadia Loop – Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Skies were overcast this morning .. we’re hoping weather forecasts are correct when they said skies would clear up later in the day. Started our day driving around Acadia Scenic Loop .. approx 27 miles of Bar Harbor coastline. Alot of people in the park even though Labor Day is over .. we couldn’t stop at a few scenic points because parking lots were full. Park strongly suggests visitors take their ‘Islander Bus’ that drives around to different areas .. thereby reducing amount of cars in the park. By limiting parking areas .. they are sending the message .. take the bus or else.  Next time we might ‘take the bus’ .. it can get very frustrating circling around looking for parking. Guess it all depends on what time of year you are visiting as well .. last time we visited was in Oct .. we had no problems with parking.

Acadia National Park    Scenic Loop







Hunter Beach








Scenic Lookout







Later in the afternoon we did some hiking in the Park, sun was breaking through clouds so it turned out to be a pretty nice day. We drove the Marathon route we did a few years ago … hard believe how far 26.2 miles actually is. Perhaps we can do it one last time ???    We finished our day watching sunset at Bass Harbor Lighthouse .. it’s one of the few lighthouses you can actually drive up to.  It’s in a very scenic area with alot of rocks and water around it…

Bass Harbor Lighthouse







Lighthouse at Sunset







Tomorrow is our last day in Bar Harbor .. we’ll finish up anything we didn’t get to do, and leave early Sat for next stop .. Scarborough Maine …



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3 responses to “Sept 6 Acadia Loop – Bass Harbor Lighthouse

  1. Beautiful photos! Which camera did you take these with? Glad weather is cooperating. Nikki is (was) in Boston this week).

  2. LAK says the sunset pic with the lighthouse is suitable for enlargement and framing! I agree.

    • g2adventures

      Lighthouse setting is nice … lots of big rocks on the coastline … we were lucky that skies cleared up for the sunset.. Only problem was the skeeters .. I’m still medicating the bites ..

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