Sept 12 Scarborough Kayaking – Mt Desert

Finally launched kayaks in Scarborough Salt marsh .. 3,100 acres comprised of tidal marsh, salt creeks and freshwater marsh. There are walking, bike, canoe and kayak paths that are sponsored by the Audubon Society.  Because we are here after Labor Day all the buildings and info centers are closed .. so we picked up a trail map and headed out to the water trails.  What makes this area great for kayaking is that water is very calm … there are windy water paths that you can take for hours .. if you follow them all the way .. you will end up in the ocean. We certainly didn’t paddle that far .. but for 2 hours we paddled along .. with no other kayaks or canoes in sight.  Weather was sunny .. blue sky ..  didn’t see as many birds as we had hoped for .. seems for the best birdwatching .. you need to go at dusk when birds are returning to their nests. We were able to take a few photos of some of the birds we encountered.

Birds in salt marsh

These guys look a little like vultures ……

Looks like a time lapse shot … but .. it’s 3 different birds in flight

After heading back to campsite for lunch and showers … we headed back to LL Bean for one last visit .. picked up a blanket for  Casita .. the nights have been pretty chilly. As we were driving around Freeport .. we noticed a sign advertising a place in Freeport called ‘The Desert of Maine’. Since it was only 2 miles from main street Freeport .. how could there be a desert in the area.  Well .. we checked it out (at the cost of $10 admission fee) ..  And yes .. it was a touristy thing to do .. but .. there was a desert like area that we could walk around in …. sand dunes .. blowing soft sand .. looked like a beach without  the water. May not have been worth $10 dollars .. but .. it was interesting to see all the sand just a few minutes from downtown Freeport.

Desert Dunes


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