Sept 13 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Another morning decision … we head to Pemaquid Point lighthouse .. approx an hour from campsite. Good day for the drive .. sunny skies .. Part of our route took us along the coast .. driving through several small scenic oceanside towns & villages.  Pemaquid Point lighthouse is in another scenic area .. almost a park like setting … flowers .. picnic benches .. very well kept. One of the lighthouses claim to fame is that it is featured on a 2003 quarter(s) .. back when USA historical scenes were imprinted on coins. Rocks around lighthouse are amazing ..  different colored rocks … some with stripes .. very unusual.  This is also one of the few lighthouses you can climb up the tower  .. most of them are closed to public.  Lighthouse wasn’t that tall .. but .. it was a nice view on top looking down at ocean and rock formations.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Reflection in pool of water

Surrounding area



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4 responses to “Sept 13 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

  1. Pic #3 – Is that the ‘White Rock’ Soda gal? You can tell how old I am!!!

    Great pics, as usual.

  2. Did you use a polarizing filter on the sky shot (#1), or was the sky really that blue?

    • g2adventures

      All photos taken with Sony .. no filters .. no post processing .. Sony can take some sharp .. colorful photos ..

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