Sept 15 Scarborough Maine to Quechee Vermont

Left Scarborough campsite at 9am .. headed to Quechee Vermont KOA campsite .. approx 200 miles …  Before we arrived at campsite Terri spent almost 2 hours at a one of her new favorite needlework stores  ‘ABC Stitch Therapy’ .. while she was shopping .. I took a nap in the Casita .. it’s a good thing they had a huge parking lot. It was only 30 min from campsite .. so after shopping, we headed for the KOA. We’ve stayed at a few KOA’s .. but .. this is one of the best we’ve seen. Alot of campsites .. but .. they are pretty well spaced out. Restrooms & showers are the best we’ve seen since our stay at ‘4 Paws’ Campsite in North Carolina. Campsite also has great internet access .. it’s so good that I’m able to start loading our photos to Smugmug. Will not have to use MIFI at all at this site.

As we were walking around campsite we chatted with folks who owned a Casita from New Hampshire …  Drove in to nearest town to have supper and to check out the area. On our list of things to do will be kayaking at local lake .. go to ‘King Arthur Flour’ bake store and check out the local towns. Weather has turned chilly .. tonite’s forcast is for a low of 39 degrees .. tomorrow nite’s forcast is 36 degrees.  2 blanket night tonite !   Good news is that temps are supposed to be up in the 70’s during the day.

KOA Campsite


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