Sept 17 Billings Farm – Silver Lake

Last day of our trip .. tomorrow we head home.   Sunny day so we decided we’d take kayaks to Silver Lake and spend our last day on the water.  We left the campground in the morning so we wanted to kill some time and let the temperature warm up abit before kayaking so we made a stop in Woodstock and walked around and checked some stores. Then we drove to a place called ‘Billings Farm’  .. a local farm with alot of history dating back to 1800’s.  Place is actually now a National Park with quite a few things to check out .. working farm .. museum of farm equipment .. reconstructed farm buildings as well as a local quilt exhibit. Sat in on a talk about the ‘Underground Railroad’ and the role quilts played in helping slaves make their way up North. Quilts were made and displayed so that they could be used as a ‘signal system’ … quilt patterns depicted helpful bits of info along their journey.

Billings Farm

Sampler quilt of Underground Railroad Blocks

Silver Lake is our kind of lake  .. calm waters and very scenic. Lake is in a State Park that was closed for the season so we launched from a spot in town .. (that would be a general store and a Post Office).  As we drove up we met a very friendly local who was about to launch his canoe .. seems he builds and races canoes .. told us he’s out on the lake every day. He welcomed us to Vermont and told us how beautiful the lake was … he was right. So, after taking his advice as to where to park truck and launch kayaks, we were ready to hit the water.  Guy must have been approx my age but .. he was in excellent shape .. he rowed around the lake 5 times to our 2 .. he’s a paddling machine !  Spent about 2 hours on the lake .. enjoying the great weather. Scenery seemed typical Vermont .. leaves changing .. lake .. and a white church steeple in the background.  Although the general store was closed it seemed like it was a central meeting location for locals to use their WIFI .. people were sitting outside store with their laptops and chatting away. Kayaks loaded back on truck .. we headed back to campsite to get cleaned up and have supper.  We’ll leave for home tomorrow morning … we decided to drive straight home and not make another stop in New York State as we had originally planned. It will be a long day .. over 5 hours and 300 miles .. that’s more than we usually do in one day ..  Forcast is for rain tomorrow .. so that will slow us down a little .. but .. it will be good to get back home !

Silver Lake


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