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June 13 Tenn to Natural Bridge Virginia

On the road early this morning … trying a avoid huge rain/thunderstorms heading East.   Said our goodbyes to Nick & Leslie and left their property at 7:30 in the morning.  Our day ended in a town call Natural Bridges in Virginia. We drove for almost 8 hours .. approx 420 miles .. Encountered a few rain showers during our ride …. steady rain .. but no downpours and no gusty winds and hail that was in the forecast.  Arrived at campsite around 6pm .. pull thru site so we’re not unhitching trailer.  Another early start tomorrow .. another long day behind the wheel .. we should be home late in the afternoon. Our time went by too fast on this trip .. we need to visit more


A few photos from our past few days …

Tractor & ATV’s




Marietta Town Square




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June 12 Last Day in Tenn


Lazy day today … prepared Casita for our departure tomorrow morning .. hope to be on the road by 8 am. Planning on making one overnight stop in Virginia .. then on to Gouldsboro.  Hot day .. up in 90’s !  Terri went to visit town of Pikeville .. approx 30 miles from us and did a little shopping with Leslie. Nick and I cruised around in his ATV’s and did our best to stay cool.

Weather forecast is calling for some heavy rain tomorrow.. storm hitting central and parts of East Coast .. bad timing to be hitting the road .. but .. we’ll be extra careful.

Trouble posting photos due to internet issues … will post all photos when we get back home … 

Heading home !

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June 11 Marietta to Tenn

Short post tonite .. we’re in Tenn .. internet access is hit or miss….

Spent this morning touring downtown Marietta .. really nice town square with alot of shops … Left Nick & Leslie’s house in Marietta at approx 1pm .. arrived at their place in Tenn around 4pm ..  Plan is to stay here tomorrow .. and leave for home on Thu ..  Will update blog tomorrow if internet is available…

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June 10 Marietta

Final reveal of kitchen project .. seat cushions …curtains .. and painted chairs all came out pretty good !



Last day in Marietta .. we will be heading back to Tenn with Nick & Leslie tomorrow.. Dis-assembled adirondack chairs today … no problem  stuffing them in bed of truck even though bed is pretty much loaded with our camping gear. All chair pieces are bundled so we just need to sand, paint and reassemble when we get back home.



In that today is our 40th wedding anniversary .. we decided to celebrate at Carraba’s restaurant.  Enjoyed a good dinner .. then headed home to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Tenn.



ps..    JC & Wanda .. If you re reading this …  Happy Anniversary !

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June 9 Marietta GA

Spent most of today at Gibbs Garden in Ball Ground .. not to far from Marietta.  Rain in forecast for later in the afternoon but morning’s weather looked promising so we headed out.  Gibbs Gardens has over 200 acres of landscaped gardens with lots of flowers, bushes, ponds , water lilies  and creeks.  Had a nice lunch .. then finished our visit by touring their Japanese Gardens .. great place to spend the day and take a lot of photos … !   Afternoon brought the rains .. but ..  by then we had almost finished our tour of the grounds …






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June 8 Marietta Ga

Projects continue ..

Last night .. girls finished cutting and stapled new fabric to seat cushions. A little tricky to install fabric without getting any wrinkles .. alot of patience tucking and folding fabric .. but .. job was completed with everyone’s help ( if you don’t see me in any photos.. it’s because I’m the designated photographer)  ! Took a air compressor to secure staples into seats ..  good thing Nick has all power equipment necessary for all our projects .. adirondack chair build and curtain/chair seat cover install … we were not lacking ANY power tools !





First adirondack chair completed ..  started and finished assembly of second chair. Since all chair parts were previous cut .. assembly of chair went much quicker.  Still alot of drilling .. measuring .. but we finally completed chair this afternoon.  Both chairs assembled and ready to go. Took alot of photos so I can use them as a reference for future chair(s) construction. Next step will be to disassemble them and TRY to fit them in the bed of the truck.







After adirondack chairs were completed .. Nick sanded and power sprayed kitchen chairs black …. Chairs ended up with a professional finish .. after paint dries overnight .. new seat cushions will be assembled on newly painted chair .. completing all of GA projects !!  Will post final reveal photos tomorrow .. !



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Marietta June 7

Project day …   Leslie and Terri worked all day on kitchen valances  ..   Alot of measuring, cutting, stapling and sewing .. but .. by the end of the day .. 8 windows complete ! Tomorrow’s project will be making new seat cushions for kitchen chairs.  Chairs will be sanded and painted .. so with seat cushions .. end result will be ‘new’ chairs !





Adirondack chair project moving along as well … all wood has been cut, edges routed, and most holes predrilled in preparation for assembly. One chair is almost half built .. we’ll finish assembly tomorrow .. and begin assembly of 2nd chair.  After chairs are all assembled .. we’ll take them apart to se can transport them in truck for final assembly in BBL.


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