June 3-5 Heading to Tenn Compound

Monday June 3 .. Heading to Nick & Leslie’s place in Tenn ….   On the way we took a detour to ‘Bush Beans’ plant in Dandridge Tenn ..  Bush Beans .. famous for Jay and Duke commercials on TV .. and of course canned beans. Checked out their gift shop and watched 2 short films about history of company and history of BBQ’ing in general.  Bush is a 4th generation company that started in 1908. They had some pretty interesting displays and of course a gift shop to buy tshirts and other stuff as well as the opportunity to purchase their numerous varieties of canned beans. Took a few tourist photos … found out I weigh the equivalent  of 137,472 beans .. good info to know.  After touring around the gift shop .. we had lunch in their cafe.





After our visit to Bush plant we headed to visit Nick & Leslie at their place in Tenn …  We set up Casita in their yard .. they have alot of property with electrical, water and sewer  connections for Casita. We’ll set up camp in their yard for a few days while we visit in Tenn .. and then in Ga. After visiting in Ga .. we’ll head back to Tenn for more days .. load up Casita .. and prepare for our trip home.

Tennessee Compound





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