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Sept 13 2013 Corning Glass Museum

As expected .. another rainy day … temps have dropped almost 30 degrees .. actually had truck heater on for awhile to get warmed up on our ride to the Museum which is only about 15 min from campground. Castita heater may be in use tonite. With the weather a little chilly and more threats of rain … I think we’ll spend most of the day at Museum and in the town of Corning.

In that we’ve been to museum .. this morning .. we had a quick tour of museum .. and watched a glass blowing demo.  At the moment .. we’re having a snack in Museum cafe .. and using there super quick wifi !   Figured I bring laptop with us today .. just in case we had some wifi opportunities … glad we brought it .. this could be our only internet access for the day …

While we have wifi .. I’ll post some photos ..






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Sept 12 2013 Rain … Rain ….

Rain/Thunderstorm last night … cooled temps for today .. but .. entire day was cloudy and rainy most of the day. Kayak excursion was pushed back until another day. Friday’s forcast doesn’t look much better .. rain in forcast again.  In our search for indoor ‘adventures’ we spent the morning in a quilt store in Watkins Glen and drove to Hammondsport to re-visit Glenn Curtis Museum. We checked out museum during our last visit to the area .. Glen Curtis was an inventor and early innovator of motorcycles and airplanes … museum tells story that Curtis flew in the air before the Wright brothers ..





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Sept 11 2013 ‘Thunder Road’

Started out this morning in Watkins Glen State Park …  One of the best trails we’ve been on in quite awhile. Several fantastic waterfalls ..  some of hiking paths were steep .. but they were mostly stone stepping blocks that were all well maintained. Trail map indicated trail to top was 800 steps and includes 19 waterfalls … In that we arrived at park early .. around 9-ish .. there were very few visitors to park. Alot of deep gorges .. high stone walls  and several waterfalls that you could walk behind them … If we have time on this trip .. we wouldn’t mind repeating hike on a nice day.


After our visit to the park we stopped at visitor center in downtown Watkins Glen.  Inquired about Watkins Glen International Raceway… Found out that raceway was only about 15 min from our campsite and that they allow you to bring your own vehicle on the track .. nice !!!   Went to a local store in town that sold us a ticket for ‘Thunder Road Tour’  .. For $25 we were allowed to take truck on track for 3 laps around the 3.3 mile Grand Prix Track.  Track is not a typical oval race track .. numerous bends and curves as well as alot of straight-aways to get some speed up.  Deal was .. no passing other cars .. follow the ‘pace car’ around track .. after second lap everyone stopped for photos. We had our kayaks on roof rack so we didn’t want to get too crazy on track.. As all cars were lined up waiting to go on track … I chatted with guy behind me asking him if wanted to go in front of me .. didn’t want kayaks flying off roof and hitting him .. he agreed.  He mentioned to me that he’s done this before .. explaining that everyone should follow car in front of them and follow same line or path of pace car so that you could line up your car for right approach in turns .. he mentioned they keep speed down to 50-70 mph. Well ..  as we pulled onto track .. we were last in line .. nice .. no one behind us.. guy that checked us in said nothing about speed or rules .. nice .. no rules .. we could use our ‘best’ judgement’ .. scary thought.. Plan of being last was a good strategy … there was a black Frontier 2 cars ahead of us that was going very slow .. 50 mph (??) so we really couldn’t get too much speed going .. until I decided to hang back .. then when I had enough room .. I was able to hit 70 mph and catch up to car in front of me.  Don’t know how fast other cars in back of pace car were going … but .. we lost sight of them do to the dude in the black Frontier’ …  It was pretty neat driving down track going 70 mph with grandstands and checkered finish line in front of us…  ‘Days of Thunder’ !!!!    Lots of fun … we may do this again !!   Only this time .. we’ll take kayaks down and leave them at campground.  Without kayaks we could put the ‘pedal to the metal’ … ‘drop the hammer’ .. and maybe Terri will even take the wheel for a lap or 2 .. if she could pry my fingers off the steering wheel !

After leaving track .. we drove around Seneca Lake and stopped at Torre Ridge winery … we’d been there before .. so we knew what wine we were looking for .. Cayuga White Reisling. Picked up a few bottles then headed back towards Watkins Glen to check out some lakes for some kayaking tomorrow.. Found a good spot .. weather permitting .. we’ll launch tomorrow morning. Driving back through Watkins Glen .. stopped for some ice cream .. then did a little shopping on main street .. then back to campsite ..  Another hot day today .. mid 90’s .. some rain in the afternoon cooled temps a bit .. I think weather is supposed to be cooler for the rest of the trip .. Weather has been so warm at night we didn’t want to make any campfires .. need those cool temps at night so we can start a blazer !




Note:  Our wifi today has been horrible .. both campsite wifi and our Verizon MIFI .. therefore .. we’re not able to post many of our photos .. may have to do that when we get home …

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Sept 10 2013 Watkins Glen NY

On the road again …  left home this morning for a trip to Watkins Glen NY.  Short ride .. only 2 1/2 hours .. approx 170 miles. Staying at a KOA .. for now .. not too many folks around us .. plan is to stay for approx 8 nights .. since this will be our only site for this trip .. it will be our ‘base camp’ as we drive around and explore Watkins Glen / Finger Lakes area.  We brought our kayaks with us .. plan is to launch them several times during this trip.  Arrived at campsite around 2:30 .. unusually hot weather … 93 degrees … Casita AC doing a great job cooling us down.  Long range forcast calls for one more hot day .. then temps dipping into more seasonal weather. After unpacking and setting up campsite .. we took a trip to the town of Watkins Glen… which is only 10 min away. Had a quick supper at restaurant with view of Lake Seneca .. then walked around town for awhile .. We’ve driven through Watkins Glen / Finger Lakes area several times .. this will be our first extended visit. Tomorrow we’ll head to Watkins Glen State Park for some hiking and hopefully some photo opportunities.



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