April 29 Carthage Missouri

Storms finally ended around 10pm last night … A few tense moments in that skies looked pretty mean as storm was rolling North of us.. Looking at motion radar screens from internet .. the storm activity we received was just the tail end of the storm .. if that was the tail ..  I don’t want to even think what it would have been like in the belly of that beast.

Left under sunny blue skies this morning … temps really cooled down .. went from hi 70’s yesterday to low 50’s this morning ..  Pulled into gas station this morning before we got on I 70 W .. guy pumping gas next to us could have been Elvis Presley’s twin .. same hair .. similar clothing .. spooky .. unfortunately .. he was pulling in .. as we were leaving .. so .. no photos of proof of this Elvis sighting !!!

Our route took us towards St Louis .. ran into morning traffic on very congested Interstate roads .. not the place we want to be in pulling the Casita .. numerous last minute lane changes to get us where we needed to be. Terri was navigating as well as taking photos of St Louis Arch .. and Busch Stadium … Arch looked pretty interesting .. if we weren’t pulling Casita .. we might have stopped for a visit. In that traffic was bumper to bumper .. TG was able to take some good photos of ‘The Arch’ ..


IMG_0302 IMG_0305 IMG_0308 IMG_0312 IMG_0316


Our drive was a little longer than usual .. approx 340 miles ..  good weather all the way into Carthage Missouri .. we’re staying for the night at a place called ‘Big Red Barn’ ..  Nice place .. a little on the old side .. but it’s clean and well kept.  As with all places we’ve stopped at so far .. campgrounds have been pretty empty in that season is just beginning. 3 good things about campsite hit us immediately while we were checking in .. (1) 20 percent Good Sam discount (would have been 30 percent if I had my military ID) .. (2) Blue Bell ice cream in their general store  (3) cable TV for tonite !

We’ll leave tomorrow for Tulsa OK .. making a stop at a place Terri has been waiting to visit .. ‘The Silver Needle’ .. the Holly Grail for needleworkers … in fact .. I think this portion of trip was planned so we would pass through Tulsa..  Terri has spoken to them on the phone prior to our leaving home .. they have plenty of room for RV & bus parking.. so we shouldn’t have any parking issues .. after TG has finished her shopping (a few hours ??) .. we’ll head off to Oklahoma City to find a campground.





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2 responses to “April 29 Carthage Missouri

  1. Great to hear you dodged the bad weather. We spent a couple days at the Big Red Barn RV park in Carthage a few years ago. Probably was in 2010 on return home from Glacier. As you say, not fancy, but has cable.:-) Seems you are about a week ahead of us at present. We plan to spend Sunday night at Lake Eufaula state park East of Oklahoma City, and Monday in Amarillo if things go as planned. Great photos Terri captured from the road. Really like the framing on the middle one. Take care, and safe travels….

    • ncg45

      Well hopefully you’ve seen last of the ‘adventurous’ weather. Nice STL shots TG! I know you don’t lime pulling the trailer in city traffic (either do I!) how much is gasoline selling for? Premium (for new car) is $4/ gal yesterday; regular $3.70. Leaving for TN tomorrow morning, might have limited Internet access there.

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