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May 30 Arches National Park


Took care of some drug prescriptions this morning .. dropped them off then picked them up later in the afternoon. Didn’t realize they would be closed Sat & Sun .. so .. it was a good thing we picked them up today.

Drove into National Park in the morning .. then back to town for lunch .. Wanted to wait till late afternoon before heading back to Park..  Had some time to kill so we went back to campsite … read our Kindles for awhile .. then back to the Arches… Mostly cloudy sky so we weren’t able to get many photos of sun hitting the red rocks …  Hopefully sun will not be covered in clouds tomorrow.

IMG_2784 IMG_2780 IMG_2816


When we got back to campsite tonite .. we found another Casita parked next to us .. some folks from Northern Calif pulled in while we were away .. They’ve got a 2002 model .. minor differences .. Casitas pretty much all look alike.


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May 29 Kodachrome to Moab

Back on the grid …. wifi grid that is …

Left Kodachrome this morning around 8:30 .. only logged approx 225 miles to get to Moab .. but .. that translated into almost 5 hours. ‘America’s Scenic Bypass Rt 12’ is very scenic .. but .. a lot of twists and turns including the ‘Hogs Back’ .. a narrow strip of Rt12 that has a very steep drop on both sides… it’s only a 1/4 mile section of road .. No guard rails of course .. that was the longest 1/4 mile we’ve been on .. felt like 5 miles .. a ‘white knuckler’ !  Hard to believe .. but .. from the town of Escalante to Capital Reef there were only 2 cars behind us .. no one going our way ??  weird  !  Traffic caught up with us when we arrived in Moab …

We had an excellent stay at Kodachrome .. surrounded by mountains .. quiet .. very quiet campground .. only 27 sites (??). Went on several hikes … including Calf’s Creek ..  total of approx 6 miles (round trip) .. Reward was a fantastic waterfall .. we did see it on our last trip .. but it was worth the hike to see it again. Trail was ‘challenging’ .. some vertical hiking .. walking in soft sand .. some rock scrambling.. It was in the mid 80’s so the walk got a bit rough after awhile .. think .. walking on soft beach sand .. with a backpack .. in your hiking shoes … on a hot day !  Took us approx 1hr 45 min each way. We were glad when we saw the waterfall at halfway point .. and very glad to get back to truck in parking lot. Water at bottom of fall was extremely .. numbing cold .. but .. it felt good to take off hikers and wade into it !


IMG_2719 IMG_2722

I mentioned in previous blog that due to extreme darkness .. stars really pop at night .. I’ve tried taking photos of them twice .. first time was a total disaster .. 2nd time was a bit better ..  able to get outline of mountains and some of stars .. problem being trying get starts to be bait more in focus .. and not just a ‘blob’ in the sky ..




Getting Casita straightened out today .. went into Moab (a few miles from our campsite .. ‘Spanish Trails’) to get some food supplies .. got a bite to eat in town .. tomorrow we’ll find a drug store to get some prescriptions refilled .. then on to ‘The Arches’ …  We’ll be in Moab for 5 nights .. then on to Tetons  & Yellowstone. Might catch a rodeo while in town .. ‘Canyonlands Rodeo’ is in town for a few days .. could be interesting .. and it’s in an indoor arena .. so hopefully it will have some AC …


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May 26 Bryce Canyon

Blogging this from Bryce Canyon Visitors Center …  Did some trail hiking amongst the Hoodoo’s today … very colorful .. scenic .. and steep trails.  We won’t have cell/wifi access till Thu when we change campsite locations from Kodachrome to Moab. Weather have been mostly sunny .. with temps dropping into 40’s at night.. good sleeping weather.

Just finished up our hike and had lunch at Bryce Canyon Lodge .. then heading to Ruby’s Inn General Store to pick up a few items .. then back to campsite ..  Hiking in Kodachrome Campsite trails tomorrow .. then another good hike tomorrow .. ‘Calf’s Creek’ … a hike that we did in 2011 …. excellent trail and scenic waterfall.  Stars are exceptionally bright at night .. with mountains surrounding us .. there is very little ambient light. .. tried to capture with photo .. but .. couldn’t get settings right .. not enough light .. may try twilight tonite ..

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day !

Some photos from yesterdays hike in Kodachrome … ‘Grosvenor Arch’ ..

IMG_2388 IMG_1678 IMG_1652



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May 24 Page to Kodachrome Basin State Park Utah




This morning’s sunrise on Lake Powell .. very nice .. Lake Powell will be very busy Memorial Day Weekend .. coming back to campsite last nite cars were backed up at entry gate .. a lot of boats being towed as all as RV’s .. Lake is really beautiful .. with the mountains and light/white colored rocks near shoreline .. water almost looks blue. Entry gate process is a little weird .. although we are using our National Parks Pass to enter Campground .. we need to show passes every time to gain entry .. so .. that means we can wait in bumper to bumper traffic for 20 min .. just for security to look at our passes for 2 seconds !

We ended last nite in a ‘humorous’ note .. after doing laundry last nite in campground laundrymat .. I thought it might be a good idea to walk back to Casita without a flashlight.. Of course it was pitch black .. campground does not have any external lights and very few signs (at least none you could read in the pitch black).  I thought … what could go wrong .. Casita was pretty close to where we were doing laundry.. In that I have a very poor sense of direction Terri was probably cringing at the thought of me walking at night by myself.. she was finishing up laundry as I left for camper. To make a long story short .. she was right to be ‘concerned’ .. I walked past our loop .. and ended up taking a tour of several other loops in campground (some where quite a distance from ours).. Meanwhile Terri was ‘patiently’ waiting for me at Casita … and finally decided ‘something was wrong’ .. i.e… she’d been waiting for quite awhile by now.  As I was making my way back towards our site .. I heard something .. ‘PSSST .. where are you going ???’ .. Terri saw me walking by .. heading for another wrong loop !!  How did she know it was me .. she noticed someone was walking .. in the dark .. in his flip-flops .. using his laptop as a flashlight (note.. laptop not a good substitute) ! So .. ipso facto .. I never do the navigation on our trips ! So .. for Father’s Day .. she will get me a campers headlight for my night strolls .. and a homing device to found out where I am !!! We had few good laughs .. then time to regroup for the next day .. after all .. I was pretty tired from all that walking !

Anyway on to Kodachrome today !!!



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May 23 Page .. Rain ??



Looks like weather may not be with us today .. a few rain showers early this morning .. dark clouds in sky. If it rains .. all Canyon tours will be cancelled in that rain floods out the canyons… We’ll see what happens ..



Weather is with us today … a few showers .. dark clouds .. and threats of more rain .. but .. we were able to go to both of our tours .. Upper Antelope and Hummer Adventure Tour.  Both tours were of slot canyons .. but .. they were totally different. Upper Canyon was a ‘photographer’s tour’ .. meaning you could bring a tripod in to canyon. Truckloads of visitors were brought into the cave at staggered times .. so .. you only had a few minutes to take your photos and move on. Very hectic and regimented .. move with the group .. stay with the group etc .. etc. Our tour guide was good and helpful .. but .. with many .. many people shooting pictures it was a ‘challenge’ to take a good photo without someone being in your way.  I had some some camera issues at the beginning go the tour .. but ..  resolved them by the end of the tour.  Although Terri had some issues as well .. she was able to take the ‘money shot’ ..  it’s the photo that everyone is looking for .. sunbeam  with it’s shaft of light coming from top of canyon to canyon floor .. excellent photo !

Tomorrow we head to Kodachrome State Park in Utah …

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon

'The Money Shot'

‘The Money Shot’

IMG_2183 IMG_1445 IMG_2212 IMG_1597 IMG_1594


Hummer Adventure Tour






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May 22 Grand Canyon To Slot Canyons

Get-a-way-day .. Thu morning ..

Loaded some photos from yesterdays trail hike .. photos loaded very quickly this morning .. much less internet traffic at 06:00 !!  Update blog later …

After our hike ..  elevation made hike ‘challenging’ ..



TG on the trail ..

TG on the trail ..

View from above..

View from above..

Mule's head up up trail ..

Mule’s head up up trail ..

Left Grand Canyon approx 8:30 .. arrived in Page 11:00 …  Staying Wahweap RV and Campground .. this is the most scenic campground we’ve seen in quite awhile .. if not THE best .. Our site (A3) overlooks Lake Powell. Open Casita door and we have a fantastic view.  Full hookups .. showers within walking distance ($2 for 8 min) .. worth every penny !

After unhitching we went into town of Page .. approx 15 min from campsite ..  small town .. enough restaurants and hotels to handle tourist crowd. On to our major attraction in Page .. Slot Canyons.. There is an Lower  Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon and other Canyons you can see via special tours. Today we did Lower Canyon .. no reservations required .. other tours require advance reservations (which we have).  $46 dollars admission fee for the both of us. Tours are led by a Navajo guide. Slot canyons are amazing … sun shines between cracks of canyon walls creating different colors. Difficult to photograph in that there is bright light and dark canyon walls making it tricky to get there right lighting. Guides helped everyone with any questions about settings. Took many .. many photos ! Tour was supposed to be 1hr … but .. there weren’t that many groups going at same time .. so we had a little extra time to wander in the canyon.

IMG_1265 IMG_1962 IMG_1317


After tour we had lunch in Page at a restaurant called ..  ‘Bonkers’ .. excellent .. could be one of the best meals we’ve had ..  If you go there from 4-6 you can get your dinner at 1/2 price .. (as long it’s one of their specials).

Back to Casita to regroup .. then off to ‘Horseshoe Bend’ … fantastic views overlooking a steep cliff. Lots of cars were pulled into parking lot … everyone looking for sunset shots… A little freaky walking out to edge .. but .. there was enough room to get close and take photos…

IMG_2022 IMG_1343



Tomorrow is out last day in Page .. we’re touring Upper Antelope Canyon … and taking a Hummer Tour ..


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May 21 Bright Angel Trail

Spent most of morning on Bright Angel Trail just off Southern Rim. Thought we’d get to the trail a little on the early side in an attempt to avoid the wind. For the most part we did .. walked down the trail that was pretty steep and a lot of switchbacks. Very scenic .. took our time because there are steep drops on the sides of the trail. And if you encounter a caravan of mules on the trail … you need to let them pass. Trail was 3 miles round trip .. Doesn’t sound like much .. but with all the twists and turns .. it was challenging enough for us.
Took us approx 2 hours to complete entire trip.. amazing accomplishment for TG in that she hates heights !

Lunch at Bright Angel Restaurant .. then back to campsite for showers .. and some Casita housekeeping. Tomorrow he head to Page Arizona to check out Slot Canyons.

Could not load any photos … hope to have better internet at next campground.

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