May 16 Red Rock State Park

Started the day at the dump station … we’ve been here 3 days … so .. thought it was time to dump Casita tanks .. after that it was a ‘housekeeping’ day .. cleaning Casita  inside … laundry day .. took truck for a long overdue wash .. food shopping.

After chores done … we headed to Red Rock State Park .. $10 for us to enter park .. weekend is now upon is .. parks/campsite filling up.Getting difficult to find parking near any Sedona trails. Temps in mid 90’s .. so .. we only took one hike today .. 2 mile hike in Red Rock. Nice trail in that it was mostly shaded and part of trail was by a creek. Visitors Center had a hummingbird area .. sat for awhile to watch Hbirds and other birds come to feeders.



Next .. on the Red Rock Crossings … $10 entry fee .. (state parks not taking our geezer pass).. Major attraction here is iconic photo of ‘Cathedral Rock’ with water reflection .. Found where we want to be to take our photos … lined up our shots .. wait a minute .. something not right .. group of 4 kids with their parents right in the middle of our shot .. either they not aware of being in the one of the most photographed spots in park .. or .. they didn’t care .. Not good .. sun will be setting soon ..  and folks are blocking view as well has making ripples in water so reflection shots would be impossible .. not cool. OK .. no panicking .. we went back to truck .. ate are sandwiches we had in cooler .. In the meantime I spoke to a guy working in park .. he told me of another spot to take photos .. turned out to be a good tip .. got some reflections off a flooded area of a field .. Back to our ordinal location .. folks still blocking all good views .. starting to think this wasn’t meant to be … after a long wait . and with the help of bug chasing them out of water .. we got our shots .. it was a cloudy night .. so no real sunset shots !  On our way back to camper .. Terri spotted a coyote near the road .. backed truck up .. and there it was . posed for us for awhile .. then he headed back to scrub brush ..




Back to campsite .. sitting outside camper  .. drinking cup of tea .. enjoying the cool breezes as we type this … Best night we’ve seen in quite a while .. just enough breeze to cool us off ..

I think tomorrow we head to Prescott AZ … approx 45 min from campsite … and we’re ready for a change in scenery !!



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  1. Just caught up with you again. Been without service since Tuesday. Now in Escalante as of a couple hours ago. Appears all is well and the fun continues.

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