May 20 Grand Canyon Southern Rim Trail

We’ve said this more than a few times on this trip .. ‘If only the wind would die down … it would be a nice day’ ! Today’s wind falls into that category .. windy with high gusts for most of the day. We walked over 10 miles today .. mostly on the Southern Rim Trail .. Logged over 30,000 steps on pedometers… from 6:30 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. Took a lot of photos during our walk in that Southern Rim trail takes you around the edge of Grand Canyon .. fantastic views. DSC07320 IMG_1698 IMG_1741

Tomorrow is our last day in Grand Canyon .. we’ll do some actual trails in the canyon .. winds are supposed to die down during the night. Very poor internet access today .. will keep this post short … May 21 Finishing up last notes post Internet a little better this morning .. no Park wifi access .. with campsite full .. a lot of folks must be hammering Verizon …



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2 responses to “May 20 Grand Canyon Southern Rim Trail

  1. Jerryc

    Exactly our thoughts. If only the wind……. We are having a good time on the tour, but not as much as with our group of three years ago. On to the madness of Zion, tomorrow…..Safe travels.

  2. ncg45

    Great photos!

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