May 29 Kodachrome to Moab

Back on the grid …. wifi grid that is …

Left Kodachrome this morning around 8:30 .. only logged approx 225 miles to get to Moab .. but .. that translated into almost 5 hours. ‘America’s Scenic Bypass Rt 12’ is very scenic .. but .. a lot of twists and turns including the ‘Hogs Back’ .. a narrow strip of Rt12 that has a very steep drop on both sides… it’s only a 1/4 mile section of road .. No guard rails of course .. that was the longest 1/4 mile we’ve been on .. felt like 5 miles .. a ‘white knuckler’ !  Hard to believe .. but .. from the town of Escalante to Capital Reef there were only 2 cars behind us .. no one going our way ??  weird  !  Traffic caught up with us when we arrived in Moab …

We had an excellent stay at Kodachrome .. surrounded by mountains .. quiet .. very quiet campground .. only 27 sites (??). Went on several hikes … including Calf’s Creek ..  total of approx 6 miles (round trip) .. Reward was a fantastic waterfall .. we did see it on our last trip .. but it was worth the hike to see it again. Trail was ‘challenging’ .. some vertical hiking .. walking in soft sand .. some rock scrambling.. It was in the mid 80’s so the walk got a bit rough after awhile .. think .. walking on soft beach sand .. with a backpack .. in your hiking shoes … on a hot day !  Took us approx 1hr 45 min each way. We were glad when we saw the waterfall at halfway point .. and very glad to get back to truck in parking lot. Water at bottom of fall was extremely .. numbing cold .. but .. it felt good to take off hikers and wade into it !


IMG_2719 IMG_2722

I mentioned in previous blog that due to extreme darkness .. stars really pop at night .. I’ve tried taking photos of them twice .. first time was a total disaster .. 2nd time was a bit better ..  able to get outline of mountains and some of stars .. problem being trying get starts to be bait more in focus .. and not just a ‘blob’ in the sky ..




Getting Casita straightened out today .. went into Moab (a few miles from our campsite .. ‘Spanish Trails’) to get some food supplies .. got a bite to eat in town .. tomorrow we’ll find a drug store to get some prescriptions refilled .. then on to ‘The Arches’ …  We’ll be in Moab for 5 nights .. then on to Tetons  & Yellowstone. Might catch a rodeo while in town .. ‘Canyonlands Rodeo’ is in town for a few days .. could be interesting .. and it’s in an indoor arena .. so hopefully it will have some AC …



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2 responses to “May 29 Kodachrome to Moab

  1. ncg45

    Never had much luck with night time star shots either! I like the land in the above shot. Too bad more stars were not visible. Good opportunity for some Photoshop tricks!

  2. Received your email, and hopefully, you received my reply. Sorry our paths didn’t cross, but it’s hard to do when traveling on two different schedules. Hope you enjoy Moab, the Tetons, YS, and all points in between. Safe travels, and tell Terri Hi

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