June 4 Grand Tetons

Day of adventures … some good .. some not so good !

Left Odgen Campsite around 7:30 this morning .. stopped for breakfast at a place called ‘Jeremiahs’ …. it was recommended to us by folks at the campground .. they were  right on the money .. really nice place ..  nothing fancy for breakfast .. except for something they called ‘Scones’ .. nothing like scones we’ve every seen .. they were about the size of a dinner plate .. tasty .. but .. I don’t think anyone could ever finish eating one. Place had a nice Western decor as well as some skiing decor .. several nice adirondak chairs made from skis and snowboards..

photo photo

5 1/2 hours later we arrived at Grand Tetons .. Staying within Tetons at a campsite called Colton Bay .. full hookups. Unhitched  .. regrouped .. then headed out to do some exploring.. While driving around we noticed a crowd of people on the side of a road .. a sure sign that wildlife has been spotted.. Got our cameras .. and sure enough .. a bull moose was hanging around in the bushes near a river. Watched and waited for him to move so we could see him … eventually he walked towards us and we were able to take some photos. Drove around park taking photos of snow capped mountains.. still quite a bit of snow on them .. in that temps are in the mid 40’s .. we can still see some clumps of snow on the ground. No wifi at campsite .. using MIFI or we might take laptops to one of the lodges.

IMG_3835 IMG_3853 IMG_3771 IMG_3774

Now ..  for the adventures that were not too good ….   As we were driving into Tetons National Park … we were almost involved in a near head on collision !  One lane of traffic going each way .. in and out of park .. we’re driving around 55-60 mph when all of sudden some crazy person going the opposite direction from us  jumped in our lane trying to pass some cars in front of him .. so .. he had to be going 55-60 as well .. I swerved as far to the edge of road as I could .. watching him come straight at us .. fortunately .. he was able to cut back into his lane .. but .. we were so close we were beginning to brace for impact .. scary .. very scary ! Not sure what odds are of surviving a head on collision going 60 mph .. but .. I’m sure they are not good …..  If my hair wasn’t all grey before .. it’s all white now .. We were very … very lucky for sure !

We’ll be at this campsite for 4 nights .. then head on to Yellowstone ..



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2 responses to “June 4 Grand Tetons

  1. ncg45

    Well that’s a scary proposition. How can you drive 55-60 mph on a single lane road, him (or you)? Liked the Bullwinkle shots!😀

  2. ncg45

    Did you give them some tips on building Adirondack chairs? 😊

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