June 6 Tetons & Jackson Hole

No post yesterday ….  poor Verizon service ..   Blogging from the laundramat/shower building..

Showers are $4.25/per person at campground … most we’ve ever paid !!  Gas inside campground is 20 cents more per gallon than we paid in Jackson Hole … life in the campground is very $$$.

Spent past few days looks for scenic areas to photo as well as wildlife .. did pretty decent on both counts. Able to get photos of bison .. moose .. grizzly and today we ‘scoped in’  (busted out spotting scope today) on a litter of young fox(s).

'Baby Fox(s)'

‘Baby Fox(s)’


Momma Grizzly & Baby

Momma Grizzly & Baby


Bison watching us !

Bison watching us !


After taking some photo today .. drove in to Jackson Hole to cruise around .. checked out a lot of shops .. did some banking .. food shopping .. and got the truck washed.

Downtown Jackson Hole

Downtown Jackson Hole




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2 responses to “June 6 Tetons & Jackson Hole

  1. ncg45

    First photo (Grand Tetons?) is a beaut. That one is suitable for framing!! I was wondering where your blog for yesterday was.$4.25 for a showers sounds a bit steep alright! Never heard of paying for a shower before.they must think you’re a high roller from the east! 😀

  2. ncg45

    Like those animule close ups! So how far away were you? what’s with that chuck wagon is that a touristsa attraction?

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