June 12 Yellowstone to Buffalo (WY)

Breakfast .. truck gas tank filled .. Casita hitched … out of Yellowstone campsite at 9am ..  On the way out of Yellowstone (East entrance) we saw several long horn sheep in the mountains above us .. Odd in that we didn’t see one bear or a moose while in Yellowstone .. just bison .. elk .. pelicans  .. mule deer … and a coyote.. quite a change from 3 years ago when we had multiple sightings of moose & bear (grizzly & black). Part of the problem I’m sure was that I wasn’t feeling that good for almost all of our Yellowstone visit ..  cold/sore throat kept us from going out as often as we would have liked to.  Almost back to normal .. good night sleep last night helped a lot ..

Long Horn Sheep

Long Horn Sheep

Yesterday we spent day in Cody .. approx 90 min from our campsite ..  Picked up some groceries .. and some meds for my cold .. Terri found a quilt store .. toured main street .. had lunch at ‘Irma’s’.. watched a free ‘gunfighter’ skit on main street ..  then went to rodeo .. it was a long day ..  didn’t get back to campsite till 11:30 ..

'Irma's Restaurant & Hotel'

‘Irma’s Restaurant & Hotel’




'Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill'

‘Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill & Friends’

Cody Main Street

Cody Main Street

Some random photos from Cody Rodeo

IMG_4411 IMG_4414 IMG_4431 IMG_4509 IMG_4530 DSCN7471 IMG_4447 IMG_4442 DSCN7584 DSCN7469

Drive from Yellowstone to ‘Deer View’ campground in Buffalo took us approx 5 hours .. almost 300 miles..  Most of ride was uneventful .. until we reached a part of 16 West that was like a roller coaster .. numerous .. steep ups/downs and switchbacks .. at top .. we reached an altitude of approx 9,600 ft.  Glad the Sierra was up for the challenge … At the peak of mountain … we saw a road sign that said all ‘trucks/RV’s/trailers MUST pull over to the side of the road to check brakes’ .. sign was posted just before we were headed down mountain ..

Warning Signs ...

Warning Signs …


A little mixup with reservations at tonights campsite .. they had no knowledge of our arrival .. but .. they had many empty sites .. so .. no problem. Good wifi and showers .. electric & water .. we’re good for the night. Tomorrow we head for ‘Custer State Park’ in South Dakota for 3 nights .. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the park from several different folks .. looking forward to checking it out.




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